9 thoughts on “Because Zelda…Zelda never changes…

    1. Tags are meaningless unless the site generates a certain amount of traffic, making them important to the eyes of the WordPress network.

      To generate that traffic, you would have to move in with GoHobo as his maid.


      1. I’m just worried about those searching for loads of flaccid ass and finding this and being disappointed. It’d be far more effective to just tag this ‘brown and bloom’ and ‘uncharted’


  1. Well, WP finally fixed the layout so that the article tags are linked to navigate and encourage traffic within the site (what we originally hoped for, ), rather than link to the ultra-generic WP database when we first started. As far as I can tell, the tags (stored as subtags in HTML tags) aren’t factored in search queries the way the title and the body text are, which is consistent with Google’s known behavior.

    And to bring attention to other (less significant?) titles depicted in the post was Bill’s call.


  2. You guys nailed it. Zelda is always changing, unlike the rest of the ones showed here. Nobody does it like Nintendo.


    1. Somewhat agree.

      Being a Nintendo fan that I am, I’m afraid they can’t bear their entire future on pumping newer versions of old games for weaker systems. Their games do change and I love them (always have), but they need to come up with some higher-spec systems, or they’ll end up like Sega.

      No matter how much money they have in the bank. Look what happened to RIM or Nokia…

      In gaming, there’s no such thing as “Too big to fail”.


      1. It’s not about the power. Sony relied on power last gen and look where it got them. 3rd place. It’s about the games. If Nintendo can keep making compelling content for their systems they will be fine. Splatoon is a good example of this. Instead of just making a military style shooter, which is all the rage right now, Nintendo made their own unique version of it.

        And always remember this. Nintendo is going this alone. 3rd parties have shown time and time again that they’ll do anything to sabotage Nintendo. From unnecessarily delaying games, to releasing broken games to releasing games missing most of the features. They don’t care. They will do whatever it takes to keep Nintendo down.

        It’s about political power. Sony and MS need 3rd parties. They simply can’t survive without them. That’s why they have to money-hat games and kiss the 3rd parties’ ass at every turn. Nintendo doesn’t. Nintendo has proven time and again that they can survive on their own strength. 3rd parties know Nintendo will never money-hat or kiss their asses like MS and Sony so they refuse to work with Nintendo.

        They don’t want Nintendo to dominate the industry like they did in the past, because they make WAY too much money from exploiting Sony and MS. So don’t look for Nintendo to ever play the power game and don’t look for 3rd party games on Nintendo platforms. The 3DS is the the dominant gaming device in the world right now, but most 3rd parties are ignoring it. That’s alone lets you know where their heads are at.


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