“Durp!” – Pachter: “Two + Two = SEVEN!”

Oh boy, here we go again.  Only our favorite videogame analyst in the world, Michael Pachter, could be obnoxious enough to drag me out of hiding.  And it's a three-fer, so enjoy a triple helping of Pachterd Sandwich... First, let's go back a couple weeks to one of Pachter's Wii U whinge-fests... “[Wii U] isn’t … Continue reading “Durp!” – Pachter: “Two + Two = SEVEN!”

“Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – Batch 4

After a long absence, I return with the next Durpthrough session of Fatal Frame IV! Beware the narrow hallways that make fighting ghosts nearly impossible, the deathly fear of potential game-breaking bugs, the bewildering persistence of that nurse I can't remember the name of, the REVENGENCE of Ayako as I storm her room for sheet … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – Batch 4

“Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – Batch 3

Ooooops, I've had these done for a while now, but I've been so busy I forgot to put them up. In this round, Misaki battles a bully from her childhood and a new character surfaces to explore the medical wing of the creepy complex in search of the man responsible for the kidnappings.  The ghost … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – Batch 3

“Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – Batch 2

What do little boys, tag teams, creepy old men, nurses, and an old, abandoned hospital have in common? ... Actually, don't answer that.  The answer is, Batch 2 of my Fatal Frame IV Durpthrough!  The ghost encounters escalate as the plot sends me fighting an unexpected and familiar villain, puts me behind the eyes of … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – Batch 2

“Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – House of Creepy Ghosties

Okay, here it is, a new round of Durpthroughs!  This time I take on another horror game, Fatal Frame IV, developed by none other than Grasshopper Manufacture (home of Suda 51, if you are one of those heathens).  Fatal Frame IV has a rather interesting history behind it, or rather, an interesting story of why … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – House of Creepy Ghosties

“Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: BATCH 5 FINAL

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I really wanted to do a special Halloween Durpthrough of a random horror game in my collection, giving you all an uncensored, uncut look into how much I freak out when I'm playing a REAL horror game.  Unfortunately, I currently sound like a frog being cranked through a meat grinder thanks to the … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: BATCH 5 FINAL

“Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Super Late Batch 4

These have been uploaded for quite a while, but I forgot to post them here on the site before I went on vacation.  Those of you who actually care probably already noticed them on PieTube, but here they are anyway.  The last batch should be up sometime in the next few days (the ending sucks, … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Super Late Batch 4