Positive NinPal – New Super Mario Bros

It’s New to him, at least, and all the game reviews in the world can’t take that away.

Somehow people are convinced that Mario has nothing to do with new generations of new customers, and bringing smiles to brand new players.  Apparently it’s all about “ME – the vocal aging gamer who’s forced to buy 100s of Mario games every year and is less likely to buy the next one with each passing day, only to be blackmailed into buying a NEW New Mario for an upcoming system launch – why do you do this to ME, Nintendo?” Oh. Why does Nintendo spend time and energy on “Nintendo Direct” instead of just inviting game journalists to more press-only events?

People say there’s too much Mario, but 2 hours and 37 comments later they ask for more Triple-A Mario. OK, fine – I’ll pretend that Nintendo “listened to its fans” by providing Super Mario’s Galaxy, Super Mario’s Galaxy II, Super Mario’s Galaxy: Brotherhood, Super Mario’s Galaxy: Revelations, and Super Mario’s Galaxy III all on the Wii. Yeah. We’d also be looking forward to AMAZING 3rd Party support on the Wii U – IN BIZARRO WORLD.

8 thoughts on “Positive NinPal – New Super Mario Bros

  1. Gaming journalism and stupid fanboys who fall for flame-bait will continue to feed off each others corpses until who knows when. Its quite hilarious there is supposedly 100 Mario games released this generation, because according to my knowledge, between DS and Wii, counting only the mainline release (which NSMB is a part of), there were only four games.

    Yes, four games. Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, NSMB DS and Wii. The former being the only 3D Mario title to get a direct sequal that was actually an IMPROVEMENT, and the latter being released three years after the original and bringing forth the Super Guide, so Nintendo don’t have to appease the casuals and make things as hard as they want. While Eurogamer is seething in rage that FUN can still sell, there are still HD collections getting higher scores then they should. At least Ocarina of Fist 3D offered IMPROVMENTS instead of THREE-DEEE graphics.

    Oh wait, I forgot, its Nintendo. The industry needs a scapegoat while everything else is falling apart around them, and in grand Western Development Industry glory, its there own damn fault.


  2. You know, if someone feels that Nintendo is releasing these games too close together, they could, like, not buy one of them right away. I’m pretty sure a Mario game is still going to be on the shelves a few years from now. And then they wont feel burned out.


      1. Most gaming journalists are pissed that 2-D Mario can burn longer then their triple-A hardcore flopbusters. And NSMB2 launching alongside 3DS XL was genius.


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