Don’t laugh at the Pietriot Times

Two years ago to the day I posted the original Pietriot Times. It was intended as a tongue in cheek look at the doom and gloom reporting surrounding Nintendo, the unstoppable juggernaught of video games. I posted it with little explanation and claimed it was a real newspaper going to print tomorrow. If you weren’t reading us back then and haven’t trawled our backlog, here it is again.


So then today I opened up my internet communication device and burst out laughing at the news that EA are porting Frostbite to mobile. So then, let’s just make some alterations.


What was satire two years ago, is now reality. Thank you blessed Frank Gibeau for making me a prophet.

11 thoughts on “Don’t laugh at the Pietriot Times

  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this stunning example of being right, again.

    Also, that EA guy looks extremely douchey. A perfect fit for them.


    1. As much as I don’t care about the trilogy, I can respect what it had done with its story. But single-handedly butt-fucking over the established canon with a ending is pretty high class. Kojima did that with an entire game in the form of MGS2.


  2. ROFL Since EA has now admitted that they have no games in the pipeline for Wii U, you guys really need more exposure for predicting that something like this could happen. I’m laughing so hard at how true this is.


  3. Also calling it: EA got a fuckton of moneyhats from Microsoft to not develop anything for Wii U and support their XBOX-whatchamacallit in an “unprescedented partnership” they’ll announce at that reveal event before E3.


    1. Wouldn’t surprise me. I also blame Microsoft for delaying Rayman (games must release simultaneously on platforms according to their “rules”)


      1. I was about to make a comment about how I expect to see an EA rep at the new Xbox reveal taking some not-so-subtle jabs at Nintendo, but I see they’re already way ahead of me on that. It’s not so hard to predict the future when third parties have such predictable behavior.


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