Look and Feel: The first 4 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X

Getting my feet wet in Mira, the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X, took a lot more effort than usual. Although recently unemployed, with limitless freedom in front of me, the game’s release coincided with my partner and I packing up for a month away from our cosy inner-city apartment. Arriving at my parent’s house in the flood prone swamp lands of Busselton, I discovered the internet speeds of my hometown have not kept up with the developed world and have intact regressed due to the ageing copper interchanges slowly rusting away. It took over 30 hours to complete the 20GB installation, 30 hours I mostly spent complaining to unsympathetic ears on Miiverse where people told me to “just buy a physical copy” or “get a job”. Compounding matters further there’s only one television and my Mum hates video games so I didn’t get any game time in until everyone went off to their respective workplaces this morning. The four hours I did get to play though, were spectacular.

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Don’t laugh at the Pietriot Times

Two years ago to the day I posted the original Pietriot Times. It was intended as a tongue in cheek look at the doom and gloom reporting surrounding Nintendo, the unstoppable juggernaught of video games. I posted it with little explanation and claimed it was a real newspaper going to print tomorrow. If you weren’t reading us back then and haven’t trawled our backlog, here it is again.


So then today I opened up my internet communication device and burst out laughing at the news that EA are porting Frostbite to mobile. So then, let’s just make some alterations.

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I’m embarrassed to be a gamer now.

It has been quite a wonderful couple of days.

Not only did Nintendo have its WiiU conference in North America and two Nintendo Directs for Japan and one for Europe, but this is quite possibly the BEST console preview I’ve seen from them in years. There was no gaming media bias, no shoddy camcorder work, it was you, Iwata and your computer screen. Nintendo Directs is Nintendo’s own personal way of delivering news, and I couldn’t love it more. Continue reading “I’m embarrassed to be a gamer now.”