Smashing QR Codes – Next-gen DLC

Nintendo’s Miightiest heroes have finally assembled, ready for assymetric action.


Wait — there’s more


Expand your Krat/Smesh roster in ways you never asked for: bigger, harder, and with greater hair variety. Hit the link below and practice scanning; there won’t be a new Metroid for a while.

Random QR Codes

ssbu_captainreggie2 ssbu_captainreggie3 ssbu_semos_victory
ssbu_tood1 ssbu_splatood1 ssbu_splatood2

Author: Pro Daisy

Daisy, motion controls, Reggie Kart, Fist Note, Daisy, casual gaming, Reggie Sports, Skyward Fist, Daisy, gimmicks, Reggie Fit, Dawn of Fist, Daisy Golf, Daisy Tennis, Daisy Party, Daisy Swimsuit Edition, You Will Say WOW, Not My Problem, I Am Not A Gamer.

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