Metroid HD – What We Know So Far


So far, we have Semos.


Following several 3DS appearances including StreetPass and Smash, Semos came to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U late in 2014, carrying the Metroid IP into Nintendo’s HD family.

The character’s iconic traits made a passionate transition to high-def, most obvious in the signature red helmet, Power Suit, and high heels. Certain cosmetic upgrades were reserved for the human/Zero Suit character model that Google Image Search is so used to now.


Smash director Masahiro Sakurai and the 3rd Party contractor demonstrated extreme care and patience in excluding any hints toward future Metroid titles. A slight disappointment for some, but the Smash team fortunately achieved that goal by making sure Ridley was not playable.

Details/announcements on the next primary Metroid adventure – plot, developer, gameplay style, footware – have been non-existant and may remain that way as internetters continue to attack any attempt for the series to expand its playable universe.

What’s essential to approaching the next installment, in the meantime, is protecting the main character’s legacy while entering another console generation to wait for definitive news. The gaming community has no shortage of reminders: Semos is calm, fearless, formidable, beautiful, and most of all, silent – the longstanding qualities that fans expect of their waifu.


For now and until the appropriate Nintendo Direct, Semos must defend Metroid’s honor in Smash where Nintendo’s criticized IPs go to settle… stuff.

Semos, beware. Your enemies, new and old, will catch up to you.ssbu_splatood2

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