The Switch is Steep Priced For Amazing Tech, Folks






It also says something when I couldn’t even find a solid price on a Gamestop site for the PS VR Headset. On Amazon’s American site, new ones go for over $500 American.

I just don’t know anymore.

(Images captured from CBC News website and EB Games Canada.)

3 thoughts on “The Switch is Steep Priced For Amazing Tech, Folks

  1. I’m confused about the images but yes, Switch controllers have better tech than much more expensive things. Not only extra rumble, NFC chip and enhanced IR / Gyro, BUT the fact that it is TWO controllers as well. Of course it’s going to be more expensive with so many more functions. Just another kneejerk thing I would ignore. Nintendo has to escape the “second console” stigma and demonstrate worth. Damned if they are cheap, damned if they are expensive. May as well make some money so they don’t die.

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  2. The Switch and it’s accessories are very reasonably priced given the amazing tech in there. The people you see complaining about the price, by and large, haven’t done enough research, or are trying to poison the well and place seeds of doubt in the average consumer’s mind.

    Make no mistake there are people out there actively trying to sabotage this launch.

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