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Pietriots is a fast-paced startup looking to manipulate the narrative of gaming discourse. Do you want to work with a dynamic team of passionate industry unprofessionals who liaise with stakeholders of media conglomerates in the leading buzzword economy? You’ll be excited to learn that we’re expanding and welcome applicants for the following vacancies. Please note that working for Pietriots provides no benefits, compensation or prospect of future employment. You will however get exposure and valuable experience!

Gaming Industry Analyst

Pietriots are looking to hire a professional industry analyst with at least five years experience in a similar role to read out the numbers on annual reports and other charts to our followers.

Pietriots is an equal opportunity employer and applicants with a track record of business failure or being wrong are strongly encouraged to apply.

Nintendo Insider/Rumour Monger

Pietriots require the inside story on the secretive Japanese company. We need to know what they’re working on before they do so we can reveal exclusives to our ravenous audience. The right applicant will possess a comprehensive knowledge of Nintendo’s intellectual property and which ones haven’t been released on the latest hardware.

Preferably you Dad would work at Nintendo for added credibility. If not, citing anonymous image boards is fine.

Social Media Wizard

Pietriots needs to grow its social media profile and require someone who knows how to use the internet to put viral memes out into the webs. The successful applicant will possess a high degree of computer skills, including experience with Microsoft Word and the ability to write to the twitter character limit. A Reddit account isn’t essential but will be highly considered, as would a First Aid certificate.

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