Nintendo Direct DeConfirmed (updated)

Update: Nintendo Direct cancelled due to US Government shutdown.

Our inside source at Nintendo said that with the release dates for Yoshi’s Crafted World and Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn being announced via press release today, the Nintendo Direct initially planned for the 11th of January has been shelved indefinitely.

Nintendo had previously delayed their direct presentations after natural disasters ravaged Japan. According to our insider, the most recently delay was due to fears the US President might institute autocratic rule, distracting customers from Nintendo’s message. Since the White House address was a bit of a fizzer, the direct may still go live next week.

Original Story: Our recently hired Nintendo Insider, whose identity will remain protected, revealed to us that the next Nintendo Direct presentation will be broadcast from Nintendo Corporation Limited at 9am on Friday the 11th of January, Japan time.

We have been told simulcast Directs for Europe, Australasia and the Americas will be broadcast at the same time so check google for your local timezone.

Russel Grant

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