The 3rd Party Wall of Shame

Editor’s note: This project was initially presented on January 27, 2010 and finalized on April 4, 2010 somewhere in Former Nintendo Fan Report Planet (FNFRP). FNFRP staff said its community was being too “positive” about Wii and Nintendo in general, so we decided to deliver some fresh, steaming negativity. “Why do you hate 3rd Parties so much?” they asked. “Did you not read the damn post at all?” I pondered.

Visitors making the pilgrimage for the first time:  Read The Text, or you will miss the context – this difference easily exposes the internet morons in your community. The specific order of the box arts and items in the text don’t match 100%; it was meant to read casually and maybe quickly, so the idea is what counts. This WAS just an overblown forum post on some fansite, after all. Caution: contains language most foul and intense 3rd Party imagery; some graphics are known to cause birth defects, depending on the laws in your country/state/community.  Kids, ask your government’s permission before buying 3rd Party software.

You might be thinking of the Vietnam Memorial, or the stars of the World War II memorial, or the wall of fallen operatives at CIA headquarters — THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF WALL. This wall has its own significance, and its name below is exactly what it recognizes.

=== TRAITORS ===

~ Ubisoft ~

3pwall10-01_UbiWallOfShameCLICK and receive PAIN

Congratulations on making this far. This isn’t some test or a trip down memory lane, this is real-life shopping in the MODERN WORLD. Imagine visiting Wal-Mart and seeing ^all this^ — SCRATCH THAT — you’ve been there and YOU HAVE seen this, and it doesn’t even include the *exclusives* Europe and Australia were blessed [shat upon] with. What on earth does it mean? It means these are the products you see taking up shelf space at retailers from this generation alone (if shelves were large and strong enough to withstand all this). “Sorry, we don’t carry [decent traditional game from smaller 3rd party]. May we interest you in `Vacation Sports` instead?”

If your spine is still intact, scroll back up and try to spot the gems where Ubi put some *real* effort. It’s like a word search, but with ground beef pressing your eyes shut. I’ll even make it easier for you: games they localized from Japan don’t count, cuz Ubi wasn’t responsible for making them (meaning: in-house idea, in-house effort).

My aim was to provide a ballpark majority snapshot of “what has this company done?” after 3 holiday seasons (plus a couple pseudo-confirmed near-future titles). The company is the object of shame, not the titles per se (you’ll certainly pass judgement on your own). If Ubi had a hand in publishing it, it went up. I’m not being strict with region specifics. Likewise, we will not detail every 3rd Party publisher, only the major offenders many of us are familiar with.

The individual collections are evidence that help illustrate the cumulative Wii history of the particular company. You, Wii Gamer, will see the balance of Right and Wrong, various qualitative and quantitative relationships among the software, and their relationship with YOU. YOU will reflect. You might not like it.

I purposely arranged/scattered the box arts as an introductory game, asking You, the Wii Customer, to find instances of quality gaming and/or sincere game production. With your eyes assaulted from various angles, there had to be some discomfort and difficulty in trying to identify obvious “winners” hidden in a crowd of duds (I’ll be easier on everyone next time).

– ANALOGY: in front of you is a barrel labeled `Ubi` filled with uniformly round, dry manure. In this merry barrel are a bunch of “quarter machine” capsule toys (the prizes), with similar size/shape/texture as the manure clumps (obviously, they SMELL the same too, like a common company logo). The volume ratio of capsule toys to the manure is basically the same as the ratio of “decent” games versus “awful” games you derived from looking at the box art collection. Your objective, Honored Contestant (a gambler, in a sense), is to stick your hand into this barrel and successfully retrieve the capsule toys BLINDFOLDED and without respiratory aides….. your trial is over, and you manage to retrieve some toys. (to be clear, this is a simulation of the random, average, less-informed Wii Customer browsing a Wal-Mart or similar store, trying to pick out a new title by confronting The Wall)

– THE LESSON: You remind yourself that this barrel is full of shit. The prized toys, while of some value to you, were surrounded and buried in shit. Now comes the question, Dear Wii Customer, “will you do that again?” (judging by game sales, some customers said “yes” while many said “AW HELL NAW”; thru experience, they learned what `Ubi` smells like)

These exhibits serve as illustrative examples as to why 3rd Party complaints against the “Wii audience” are complete bullshit. For all this talk of them dedicating “effort” to the Wii platform (and achieving “Nintendo quality,” oh boy), they really haven’t done much (and post-E3-2010, most will do nothing more). Believe it or not, THIS IS ONLY AN APPETIZER. THE MAIN COURSE IS YET TO COME. AND SIDE DISHES. AND DESSERT. Please come hungry, and leave violated.

~ Activision ~

3pwall10-02_ActivisionWallOfShame Moar PAIN?

Wii Gamer, are you familiar with Dante’s Inferno? Descending across Activision’s top layers, you find no hope, only pain and darkness. Reaching the bottom, you bear witness to structures of fiendish design. What you find is wrong, unjust, unnatural, and destructive to all you hold sacred — and it suddenly pains you the world has been taking this for granted.

Browsing this collection is like being accompanied by the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come: your stomach turns, you’re filled with regret, then you ask, “How did it come to this? SPIRIT! Take me back! I can make this better! Really, I can!“

You are too late, Wii Gamer.

Just keep thinking in your head as you peruse these titles:

“This is Nintendo’s fault”
“This is my fault”

“The reason these games flopped is because I chose not to be fooled by knockoffs”
“The reason these games flopped is because all the casual gamers are hardcore Nintendo fans”

“Nintendo pointed a gun at the 3rd Party CEO’s head and forced them to make these games”
“Nintendo never gave them a chance”
“Nintendo should’ve marketed these games, supported these games; the public deserved to know”

“Publishers are totally justified in insulting me for these games not selling”
“I wanted these games”
“This is all my fault”

If you need more time to reflect, take it. You are responsible for your own penance. When you’re finished, you may proceed below.

Here is the Progression of Events of 3rd Party Excuses (PE3PE). Study it well, and this knowledge will be your sword.

2006 – Nintendo included a free game with their console! Our rip-offs won’t sell now! Boo!
2007 – This Wii is just a fad. People only bought it for Nintendo games and casual games.
2008 – Nintendo makes too many games! How can we compete against Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Wii Fit
2009 – Nintendo doesn’t make enough games! (We need examples to rip-off of!) Hardware sales are down! (We need fresh victims to buy our rip-offs!)
2010 – Wii shattered sales records thru the 2009 Holidays. Wii is not a viable platform for our casual games (or any games).

~ Electronic Arts ~

3pwall10-03_EAWallOfShameToday’s forecast is PAIN

After looking at so much box art, so much SHAME, I’m beginning to see a uh, uhh… a PATTERN creeping throughout these 3rd Party libraries.

Some select quotes:

[EA] “We polled Core Gamers about Dead Space Extraction…”
[Core Gamers] “Don’t make a Rail Shooter. We hate rail shooters. Make a rail shooter and die.”
[EA] “And we’ve found they said the words ‘rail shooter’ 1,239 times!”

[EA] “We understand the Wii audience and we know what Wii gamers want! This is why we’ve been able to create such a diverse line-up*! This line-up is targeted specifically to the Wii audience and the Wii audience that isn’t exactly part of the Wii audience!”
(*see Wall)

Is there anything more that needs to be said?

[Gamers] “Die!”

~ Zoo Games ~

3pwall10-04_ZooWallOfShame How ‘bout a glass of PAIN?

^This^ is what Zoo Games does. They can’t help it; that’s their nature. But all the other publishers on The Wall know better, are better, and can be better. Why do 3rd Party libraries look more like ^this^? Don’t they WANT to make good games? Laziness is bad (so I hear).

(Edit: by this point in the project, Pro Daisy had a headache)

~ THQ ~

3pwall10-05_THQWallOfShame Storewide sale on PAIN

THQ, you’ve gone thru some tough times… NOW I CAN SEE WHY. You are oh-so-dependent on your licenses; the rest your efforts (and lack of) can be summed up as “make-believe,” or “wishful thinking.” Should’ve been making things happen instead of dreaming?

I think I was a bit generous with ^this^ Wall piece, though I’m unable to articulate how it is so. By now I believe we’ve established a template for generating a 3rd Party Wii game library. Such is herein as follows per justice:

1. Start off with Zoo Games’ Wii library.
2. Add a handful of “major” “licenses.”
3. Add at least one “major” semi-“original” “brand” or “property.”
4. Microwave on HIGH for 9 minutes.
5. Let stand in microwave for 1 minute. Be careful when handling, turds may be steaming hot.


~ Majesco ~

3pwall10-06_MajescoWallOfShameMad Dog McPAIN

I’d like to think of Majesco as an “underdog” company, but their library makes them look like any other 3rd party, just on a smaller scale.

Can you find the needle in this haystack?

Will the pain stop?

~ Sega ~

3pwall10-07_SegaWallOfShame Naka’s Palace of PAIN

HRMMMMMMMMMMM… The least bad of the worst, if that’s anything to brag about. Sega tries, yet they don’t. Their most successful title(s) are actually Wii Sports derivatives. Huh.

~ Konami ~

3pwall10-08_KonamiWallOfShame Lost in PAIN

Got your bread & butter song & dance titles, plus some footsie ball. While Namco turned Soul Calibur into a Waggle Adventure, Konami turned Castlevania into a Waggle Fighter. buh?

Beyond those, Konami wants to be known for Wii Sports knockoffs, intentionally kiddie titles, and TARGET TERRORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. The plan was to make more of that stuff in case any of them succeeded, apparently. Typically. Unsurprisingly. As usual. Dammit, 3rd Parties.

This is the family Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was born into?

~ Take-Two ~

3pwall10-09_TakeTwoWallOfShame New video game legislation seeks to regulate PAIN

Way to go, relying on sports license abuse that competes with EA’s own. The rest are largely visitors from the PLANET MEH. Do any games seem to be worth working on or nurturing without those Grand Theft Auto-sized budgets? Hmm?

~ Namco-Bandai ~

3pwall10-10_NamcoWallOfShame Tales of PAIN

Despite hitting the ground running with a WAGGLE SPINOFF, it’s suprising they haven’t done much nor localized much. They’re sorta all over the place without specializing in anything (is Zoo Games the undisputed KING of Wii racing games?). A peculiar kind of lazy. (Edit: Winter 2010: there’s no surprise anymore; we’ve all accepted that the company just looks useless)

~ Capcom ~

3pwall10-11_CapcomWallOfShame Japanese game development proudly at the forefront of PAIN

good port, rail shooter, bad port, old port, old port, rail shooter, stuffffff, old port, stuffity stuffffff… my gosh, is Capcom lazier than NAMCO?

~ Square Enix ~

3pwall10-12_SquareEnixWallOfShame kupo?

1. An on-rails spinoff Nintendo [HELPED MAKE] FOR THEM
2. Some other spinoff
4. A too-little-too-late spinoff of a SPINOFF

It’s obvious that Square-Enix… DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT?

The games, by themselves, not bad. But also consider how the publisher behaved; how are they treating the projects and the products?

DQ Swords — S-E borrowed a Nintendo developer to make it (was the project not good enough for their in-house teams?)
Chocobo — nothing wrong here, it just exists
Echoes of Time — the ugly side of connectivity: it’s a DS game, but on a disc.  Is it a sub-standard Wii game or a DS game being bought for the second time? Who’s it REALLY for? Wii gamers or DS gamers? Who are they trying to convince to buy it, and are they trying?
The Crystal Bearers — Rad game, but like Silent Hill, it’s a victim of scheduling and marketing SABOTAGE. What happened to the marketing push leading to its release? Why get smothered into obscurity after SANTA DAY? Is it just another title quietly sent to the shelf (accompanied by a short-lived ho-hum Amerikan TV campaign that I could not believe they had a budget for at first) that the publisher doesn’t believe in?

And moving from one title to the latter, how well was S-E’s [Wii] brand strength holding up by the time we got to Crystal Bearers? The fact they’ve only published 4 disc games total, despite their age/history and prestige, makes them an oddity worth mentioning.



The Wall of Shame isn’t concerned with projecting our anecdotes on the climate. We know what the 3rd Parties did, we know how the consumers responded, and we know how the 3rd Parties “responded” to that. I believe we know enough to see what adds up, what doesn’t, and when 3rd Parties are serving up Soft-Serve Ass Cream in retail and the press. 3rd Parties will not, cannot escape responsibility and accountability while the Wall of Shame stands.

Is there any sign of hope? Maybe. Certainly not on this wall.

“Iwata was able to change more than the course of a console war. He changed the entire course of gaming history. Is it wrong to hold on to that kind of hope?” -3rd Party

“I have not come for what you hoped to do. I’ve come for what you did.” -R


“A wall is a symbol, as is the act of destroying it. Symbols are given power by people. A symbol, in and of itself is powerless, but with enough people behind it, tearing down a wall can change the world.” -R

Selected responses to The 3rd Party Wall of Shame:
“I had no idea that stuff came from a well known developer. I always assumed Fashion Party and Party Babyz (with a z yes, because thats how the cool spell it) were from super no-named nobodies who were working inside their garages. Man I’d like to throw up right now.”
“Maybe Nintendo was onto something when they used to force third parties to only make 5 games a year.”
“And this is why my boycott is justified. It’s one thing to ignore the system. It’s another to flood it with garbage and sabotage the perception of the platform. Ubisoft started the whole meme of ‘put shovelware on Wii and put your real efforts on the HD consoles.’ ”
“Sure, there are a few good games on the wall of shame. A few. But most are the sort of shovelware the likes of which even God has never seen.

Pro’s talking about brand mistrust and why your discerning Wii gamer will stick to Nintendo. If he made a `Nintendo Wall of Glory` you’d see most of their games aren’t ‘garbage’ even when they are low budget. Nintendo’s games aren’t ‘90% crap.’ Some may not be your cup of tea, but none of them were foisted onto Wii owners like ‘Space Camp‘ or another Wii Sports rip-off as late as October 2009.

Also it shows that because the titles released earlier in the generation from third parties got more sales than their later ones, initially the Wii gamer was trusting of third parties until they started getting real garbage dumped on them. Then they rejected and rebuffed their games outright, even if they were good (Sega felt this) simply because of a ruined first impression. It’s cause and effect, a consequence of treating your customer like an idiot, and entirely their own fault. Maybe if they had tried harder in 2006, 2007, and 2008 they wouldn’t have felt the sting of people’s disinterest. But instead, they blame me, you, Nintendo, the economy, etc.; everybody except themselves and their shoddy development, poor marketing, and ruined brand name for the majority of gamers.

And really, who could side with the third parties here? Who looks at this list and says ‘That’s a great effort! That totally matches Nintendo’s 40 or so games.’ Considering both the sales AND Gamerankings AND Amazon reviews AND professional critics would disagree, anybody who would would be in the vast minority and look like an apologist or a shill.”
“I think what [Pro] is trying to say is that, sure, we own the good games and are happy with them; but picture yourself as a soccer mom with a red cart and bag of popcorn at Target facing that wall in the game aisle. How can she/you possibly choose a quality title? After making a couple wrong and expensive choices, aren’t you going to be a tad disenchanted with gaming in general and stick to only buying games with good word of mouth?”
“They’ve treated Wii owners like schmucks, marks, fools, idiots, and lab rats. When the Wii owners plead ‘no mas,’ ‘non plus,’ and ‘dame yo!’ they kept on churning out shovelware. When the retailers (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) told them after 3 years that mini-game collections and casual Wii games do not sell (!!!) and that they would order no more, the third parties were looking for an excuse. They scrambled for ass-cover as they blamed you, me, Nintendo, the economy, Martians, etc. They accuse Nintendo of making too many games. They accuse Nintendo of not making enough games. They accuse you of being a blind Nintendo fanboy for having the audacity to choose New Super Mario Brothers Wii over Dancing with the Stars. All because their plan of ‘milking casuals’ with a bunch of awful games backfired when the people they thought were idiots proved otherwise.

No longer. Every time a third party game fails on Wii, they shall look to the Wall and wonder ‘Could things have been different? Could I have made good games instead of shovelware? Could my name be trusted by 70 million people if I didn’t insult them from day one? Could my game have sold better if my brand name wasn’t tarnished by my own actions? Why doesn’t Nintendo have my problems?’

And ask yourself one final question. ‘Who deserves to sell the most Wii games?’ The answer to that is the point of this thread.”

Futher discussion can be found BELOW. (There’s nothing to see in the old ruins.)

41 thoughts on “The 3rd Party Wall of Shame

  1. This is a fine piece of games journalism. It’s impressive in message and fact, using clear logic to refute manufactured “worries” and “concerns.”

    What’s even more impressive was the reaction it got, which was unanimous support and praise until some established games journalists reported on it and asked “why was everybody hating third parties?”

    That was truly unbelievable.


  2. My theory as to why said “established games journalists” (LOLOLOL) reacted so negatively to The Wall, and criticisms of third parties in general, is due to the nature of their work.

    Since their work frequently involves getting in contact with publishers/developers, they sometimes end up making friends within the industry. Thus, they perceive any criticisms on third parties as personal attacks on their douchebag friends who work at these very same companies.


    1. Except said douchebag friends stupidity always manage to bite them in the ass… sometimes. Kane and Lynch (sp?) say hello.


  3. All of the other ones suck, but Capcom has easily put out more good titles than bad. All the Resident Evil games were awesome, as were Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Monster Hunter Tri (Easily top 5 best Wii games), Zack and Wiki, and Okami. The only conclusively bad one was Dead Rising port, and I’m sure the Neopets and Moto Racing game were all at least as good as the best shovelware from another company.


  4. Yeah I somewhat agree with that, Capcom are probably one of the best. I loved the Resident Evil chronicles despite being spinoffs. The fact that they still only have one huge exclusive game (Monster Hunter Tri) says it all though. Zack and Wiki is great but was never going to be a big seller on any platform. I think the point here is they were all easy for Capcom. The Resident Evils and Okami were outsourced too. It’s just not a lineup that makes sense for the market leader.


  5. Brilliant read!

    Really appreciate all the hard work that went into collecting all this data for a complete, unbiased picture. You put “real” analysts to shame 😀

    Thank you, on behalf of myself and the entire community at vgchartz

    gumby_trucker (aka n0body)


    1. Thank you, and others who read it. To be clear, this project was a team effort, and TEAM REGGIE thanks those that endure.

      If you “read” the whole thing, noticed it had pictures, and simply inferred “lots of 3rd Party Wii games suck” – your logic train missed the station. Visiting the Wii section at a retail store in the last 4 years already painted that conclusion.

      The Wall names NAMES. The pictures are like the portraits on “employee of the month” plaques, but the plaque honors SOMEBODY. The Wall doesn’t boil down to ‘how many’ games or ‘good/bad’ ratios or all the other nonsense anecdotal auto-responses [gamers] tend to retaliate with after the fact – it boils down to: How You Treat Customers.

      The “selected responses” “get it”. Help those that don’t.


      1. I agree completely. I have always been a firm believer that a RELATIONSHIP between a company or brand and a consumer is no different than that between two individuals. All the usuals rules of trust and loyalty apply. This is something I feel Nintendo has known for years, and are constantly aware of, with programs like club Nintendo etc.


  6. This read really gave me a out of the box view on Nintendo these past few years,this opened my eyes on why Nintendo gets criticized so massively and even by me myself but I never realized and held the actual developers accountable for negativity going Nintendos way,though They brought some on their own,games are what matter when it’s all said done,and sadly this shovel ware paints a bad picture for Nintendo and says a 1000 awful words,hopefully Nintendo can prove why their the timeless warriors of the gaming industry staying to their roots and doing everything they do fir the loyalty of gaming,us real gamers who aren’t just interested in blood n gore though I do like it,it’s just now what it’s all about but innovative games that can grab hold of any aged gamers,this read should be spread around,good shit


  7. Flame me all you like but the reason for all these companies not putting their main titles on the wii was the hardware. If the hardware had been better, had it allowed for 720p resolution we would have got all the games that the other consoles got. Instead of that they decided to cash in on the massive casual market and make tons of clones. Have a go at them all they want, but they made a smart business decision. I would be interested however to find out the total earnings they made from these clones.


    1. That’s not true, at all. The resolution barrier had little to do with it. That said hardware was a factor but resolution was a lazy excuse. No online functionality was a BIG factor, as was the lack of an HDD. Not for the reasons they would tell you but because lacking in both of those areas Nintendo didn’t provide these big publishers a platform that they could make mad money after the sale of the game through DLC. There wasn’t an update system to cover their lazy workmanship and allow them to finish the product after they sold it…if they finished it at all. Limited and or unreliable online prevented them from cashing in big on games that where built around the online with non existent or useless single player. Even if you want to pin some of this on Wii hardware it’s less about resolution and more about the processing power of the hardware for things like AI and physics and of course Nintendo’s ever present insistence of having less disc space.

      Regardless, you can hardly call what they did smart business decisions when a good number of them lost money or even went bankrupt this gen due to over-reliance on the money hemorrhaging HD business model. There was a long period of time this gen when the Wii marketshare was approximately double it’s competitors combined and making a game for that market, even a well built quality product, would have cost a fraction of the money of developing for the PS360. Instead they chose to break the bank trying to make the next Halo, God of War or GTA and most of them failed miserably.

      That massive casual market wasn’t there for a while. Grandpa, Soccer Mom Jane and little Sally weren’t the ones lining up on launch day making the Wii one of the fastest selling systems of all time. 98% of the so called ‘Casuals’ who only ever played Wii Sports and Wii Fit didn’t join until word of mouth reached them months even years down the road. The initial surge and the steadily sold out Wii market in it’s first 6-12 months where largely genuine gamers who lost patience when they finished Zelda, got bored of Wii Sports and got tired of waiting for the delayed SSBB, Mario Galaxy and MP3. Third parties had that gap to themselves and virtually nobody took advantage of it because they where all too busy trying to rush out Wii Sports and Raving Rabbid clones instead of putting in a good old fashioned solid effort. Additionally almost nobody besides Ubi Soft even TRIED to have something of substance there at launch, a window of time when even mediocre games sell well and help establish the market for a console.

      You can go on for ages as to why and how the Wii userbase was utterly squandered by companies who are now barely treading water or worse but this article highlights one very real and legitimate reason; they where too blind, ignorant and arrogant to try.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly, making a cheap Wii Sports knock off means you’re competing with a free game. Everyone who did this lost. People aren’t going to pay more for a crappier version of something they already own, Wii Sports was supposed to give developers ideas but instead it turned into a market research roundtable.

        Resolution doesn’t mean anything, developers can change that with a mouse click. The tools were there, Wii isn’t hard to develop for. Heck, the Resident Evil 4 engine was up and running and all we got was a Dead Rising side-game. Dead Space Extraction and Resident Evil Chronicles looked wonderful but they didn’t have the balls to make proper games out of them.

        The few companies who did try are going to see dividends on Wii U, Black Ops 2 has WIimote controls because they’ve done it before. It’s the only FPS ready for launch.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You nailed it perfectly. The main reason the Wii missed out on those multi-plats, is the Wii’s hardware architecture was so different from the HD twins, the devs would basically have to remake their game from scratch to port it to the Wii. It looks like that problem has been addressed with Wii U though.


  8. This old thing coming up again?

    Even when 3rds pretended to “focus” on the Wii, the “features” were suspicious, and the results were insane: a large portion of their “dedicated” Wii efforts were lower in quality compared to their PS2/Xbox/GCN efforts, whether they were original titles, downgraded current-gen multi-plats, or direct last-gen PORTS. They knew Wii was last-gen-class hardware – but “going HD” suddenly made these companies forget how to properly make products that were at least on par with last generation’s games, let alone proper games. Castlevania Fighter? Soul Calibur Adventure? Dead Resident: Space Evil: The Rail Shooter? Is this what they wanted to be known for? what they really wanted to make?

    “We’re 3rd Parties, we have our own identities, we don’t “do” what Nintendo “does”, we can’t compete with Nintendo, and we need funding for our bank-breaking HD projects – so we did everything in our power to release Wii Sports clones. Let’s not seriously try. Let’s not support the market leader. Let’s do everything we can to build a poor reputation among customers – both existing and new. Let’s reduce game variety, let’s minimize game testing, let’s rely on patching, let’s push microtransactions, let’s maximize the amount of cash we can squeeze out of ONE customer while minimizing the amount of real game content we need to include to meet deadlines. We are artists, we make art, but Wii does not let us be the artists we want to be.“

    3rd Parties did what they wanted and got what they deserved. Thanks to their hard work, 360 and PS3 are explosive successes and gaming is bigger and better than it ever was. Wii was such a disaster and they were right to abandon it.

    Resident Evil 6 represents the peak of our generation. Capcom designed it for proper game systems from the ground up and made sure it was beyond the Wii’s reach. Sorry Wii, great 3rd Party support wasn’t meant to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So, are you saying you agree dev’s are right for not creating complete great games on a Nintendo system? But it’s better to create Half assed games and we should pay full price and then extra for DLC, cause they could not meet there deadlines??? Please enlighten me. Honestly I hope this is not what you meant to say or get across cause if so as a consumer you would be considered one dumb F***!!!! or either belonging to a Company who dedicates themselves in ripping ppl off.


      1. The last 3 paragraphs of the comment are complete sarcasm and the comment as a whole was an amusing way for me to summarize my/our article.

        The comment was intentionally written to make you go “wait, is this guy for real?”; this relates back to one of the themes/reaction of the article itself: “are 3rd Parties for real? they did all that and meant to?” “how did it come to this? something isn’t right” — Yup, 3rd Parties did something very WRONG.


  9. This is great article. I read it a while back and it took me a long time time find it again. I wish third parties would stop with the excuses. They even used the same “kiddie” and “weak” excuses for the Wii U BEFORE the PS4 and XB1 were eeleased or even revealed. Even when it seemed that they put in the effort, there was usually one of three things wrong with the game: old port (Need For Speed, Batman Arkham City), gimped port (Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Batman Arkham Origins), or Sabotaged release (Mass Effect 3, anyone). Of course we also have the majority of third party games not coming to the Wii U because “their audience isn’t there”. These companies no longer know how to draw in audiences, let alone create good games.

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  10. I keep re-reading this article and it’s comments, it makes me sad that these third party companies, and the followers of Sony and Microsoft, will go so far to belittle and discredit Nintendo and it’s fanbase, rather than see the truth that has been there all along. They take the low road and continue to sling insults. These are the same people that support Sony and Microsoft no matter what they do: charging for online even if you are not playing a single first party game with online play, blowing so much money to buy third party support that their gaming divisions are not profitable, renting “free” games to people only to lock said game away without continuous membership pay, conditioning these idiots into thinking first day DLC, broken games that are in dire need of first day patches, and microtransactions are perfectly okay business models, etc. I hope the video game industry is still standing, after Sony, Microsoft, EA, and other money grubbing companies are done destroying it, and that Nintendo is their to pick up the pieces once more.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. More crying. Boo hoo. Please reply with another unfunny and horribly outdated meme, that would be the best.


        1. You should try trolling harder, you’re bad at it. So which fanboy camp do you come from: XB, PS, or PC?


      2. Awwwww. Sorry, not everyone is a cuckold to a corporation like you. Keep railing against fanboys, without realizing that you are one too. It’s kind of sad.


    1. So what died inside that made you accept halfassed games and pay2 win, and gritty dudebro games are better than the major Nintendo quality?

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I don’t think Sega did THAT bad. Yeah they put out shovelware, but we did get enjoyable games at the same time. Sonic Colors anyone?


    1. Sega and Capcom did OK. UbiSoft was a (very) distant third, but that was for just being OK. Everyone didn’t even bother to put some quality in their games. I wonder what the outcome would have been if the third-parties supported the Wii last generation like they did the PS2.

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  12. A Boy And His Blob and Blast Works are the two needles in the haystack of Majesco published games.


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