The PATHETIC State of the Gaming ‘Media’

This is basically about reviews, I was going to make it about how it sucks as a whole, but it got too depressing. We all know that Gamespot / IGN / 1up etc. all offer completely terrible reviews, have crap staff, and just plain embarrass themselves on a daily basis in almost every “opinion” piece they put up. But I came across this review and had to say something.

Ferrari Challenge Wii IGN Review

They copy / pasted the PS3 review with a few different words. Literally, it’s the same review. No mention of the controls or controller, so this was planned. Pretty much the only unique thing about the Wii version, its motion wheel controls, not mentioned. PS3 versions online play, not talked about in that versions review. Differences between versions like frame rates, and amount of cars on screen, nope. Both versions got the exact same score despite the PS3 version having a massive amount of extra features, better graphics and better controls. However the most painful time I had comparing them was my browser struggling to breathe when I had multiple ad-infested IGN tabs open. The PS2 version also got a lower score than the Wii version (same text as well) despite being the same exact game with superior controls. Anwyway the review also has clear flaws that can be proven as factual lies.


Even if it wouldn’t be as accurate, the game would have done better to have the camera closer to the windshield.

It’s a sim, that would NOT be better.

With each race running for 15 minutes or more, and with two races per weekend, that means each “event” is a good half-hour of driving. This would be fine except that if you’re good and can get out in front fairly quickly, you’ll spend 20+ minutes driving with no competition ahead of you.

No. There is an option in the game, to make it as short as 5 minutes. He didn’t even go to the options menu, in a customisable driving simulator. The game is also much harder than that and there’s no way you can win your first race by a large margin. Quite frankly this review could have been written just by looking at the screenshots and reading the PR info.



I’m a pretty big fan of racing games, and I love everything from Burnout to Gran Turismo.

hard to tackle most of the tracks without the driving line turned on.


With Ferraris being your only option to drive, there isn’t a ton of variety to speak of

you’ll unlock faster cars, like the F50 or the FXX, and you’ll also delve back into Ferrari’s past with some classic rides

ranging from raw power and performance of the newer models to the rather unassisted handling of models from the ’50s and earlier

The entire customisation aspect of the game is also completely ignored.

Plain stupidity

the game feels fairly linear at times

What? You can drive off the track into the sand if you want. What else do you expect?

This isn’t a matter of opinion, the review is completely shit for having crap information. You could find more about the game on the back of the box. If it was a matter of opinion, it would still be shit because this persons has the worst personality ever, and a shitty opinion. The whole “dont give a fuck” attitude is not appropriate for someone getting paid, to spend 5 minutes a day copy and pasting and making fart noises with his armpits, on the most visited gaming website in the world. Then the biggest thing of all. The Wii version actually has a game breaking flaw, 1 and 2 buttons on the Wiimote do not register at all while shifting gears. Not even mentioned. Also one of my biggest problems with the game, the load times, not mentioned either.

What is the point of reviews like this, if they don’t help consumers? Besides being pointless, which we can disregard, for the sole reason they exist. This IGN review of the game is the only review up on the entire internet at  the moment. They have a copy of the game (actually, they might not) and they’ve completely shat on their responsibility to tell people what it’s like. Sure I could put up a blog somewhere with my own review, but nobody is going to find that in google search. I’ve seen reviews like this before, games they think nobody will play. Games they don’t want anybody to play. They think they can “get away” with reviews where they basically ignore the game and high five themselves during the review talking about how they licked some guys hairy balls in high school instead. I actually had my account deleted at IGN after politely (yes I know hard to believe) commenting on several reviews correcting facts, so they are fully aware of their consistent level of failure.

Another reason this completely annoys me is having stupid friends who constantly spout annoying “facts” about games that they read from IGN or Gamespot and having to correct them about almost everything. It’s completely embarrassing being associated with these “hardcore” game sites just because i’m heavy into videogames myself.

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