I’m embarrassed to be a gamer now.

It has been quite a wonderful couple of days.

Not only did Nintendo have its WiiU conference in North America and two Nintendo Directs for Japan and one for Europe, but this is quite possibly the BEST console preview I’ve seen from them in years. There was no gaming media bias, no shoddy camcorder work, it was you, Iwata and your computer screen. Nintendo Directs is Nintendo’s own personal way of delivering news, and I couldn’t love it more.


Leave to the “hardcore” gamers to ruin my happy mood. Holy shit, I’m absolutely livid with them right now!

Never was going to happen without Nintendo.

Its because of THIS. Bayonetta 2 is going to be a WiiU exclusive from Platinum Games, published AND funded by Nintendo. Fans of the original Bayonetta (which is 0.5% of people who buy Call of Duty games in droves) are extremely pissed that this game, which was never going to happen after SEGA buttfucked itself massively, is going to be published by Nintendo. Hell, there is a WordPress account for BOYCOTTING THIS GAME.




God lord, if I didn’t think ‘gamers’ could sink to a new low after Operation Rainfall (and they still are if the Last Story reviews are anything to go by!), I was absolutely wrong. Nintendo is being treated as a third world dictator for saving a company after its original published raped them massively. How did that happen exactly?

– Bayonetta is the only million selling title under SEGA.

– Every other Platinum title has underperformed.

– Anarchy Reigns, a game that is FULLY TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH in the Japanese version because Platinum wanted a worldwide release, WAS DELAYED UNTIL 2013.

– SEGA fucked up the PS3 version of Bayonetta.

What I can get out of this is that Platinum honestly doesn’t give a fuck. Aside from picking up Konami’s garbage (Metal Gear Rising), Nintendo is honestly the best publisher then could end up with. When Nintendo is around, things can only go up; MonolithSoft managed to fully finish a massive RPG because Nintendo let them, Hironobu Sakaguchi directed one of the most impressive Action RPGs of all time because Nintendo thought the first version of it was too dark, and let’s all remember Eternal Darkness, the ONLY good game Silicon Knights made before they went shitty.

And I couldn’t be happier with this knowledge. I also couldn’t be happier knowing those butthurt gamers are absolutely useless to Platinum’s livelihood as they always have been.

16 thoughts on “I’m embarrassed to be a gamer now.

  1. Thankfully I got my Wii U preordered, so Bayonetta 2’s existence didn’t persuade me. It just means that great software on a Nintendo console won’t be solely up to Nintendo’s franchises.

    If hardcore gamers need to rage at a publisher, rage at Sega for being reliant on crap Sonic games for so long, those are the only games they can make and waiting way too long to rerelease their Dreamcast games. And they mishandled Bayonetta that the rest of PG’s lineup suffered.

    The Wii U might be the last chance for publishers and developers to realize they can make great games and make some money instead of Sony and Microsoft’s machines completely being super expensive leaving good games being made for by 5 publishers period.


  2. I wouldn’t, and I ain’t embarrassed to be a gamer because these so called “gamers” are offended that Bayonetta 2 is going to be released exclusively on the “kiddie” (I read a few comments calling the Wii U this) console. They’re the ones that are supposed to be embarrassed.


    1. Yeah I feel the same. It’s a knee-jerk reaction we’ve seen a million times on the internet before. Chances are, this vocal minority will get bored soon and end up buying a Wii U.


    2. The problem is that soon gaming media journalists will pick up this story and think its a hot topic. It will trend on Twitter, for anyone to see, and will further make me NOT want to admit to anyone I play games as a hobby.

      I wish it was 1993 again. 😦


  3. The people bitching and moaning are not real gamers. They were the same people saying they wanted to see a “hardcore” title on Wii U before the consider buying it. Now they’ve got one and all the can do is bitch. Let’s just call this exactly what it is. Bias against Nintendo.

    It doesn’t matter what Nintendo does, they’ll find a reason to hate it. They’ve got it in their heads that Nintendo is for kids, so anything that proves otherwise must be ignored/destroyed. Let them stay away from the Wii U. I don’t want to have to deal with assholes like that on the Miiverse.


    1. What’s hilarious, again, is that these assholes never helped Platinum at all. SEGA screws them over and the only work they can get is fixing Kojima Pro’s trash? Good thing Nintendo stepped in, this was a company I didn’t want to see die.


  4. “the ONLY good game Silicon Knights made before they went shitty.”

    Wut? Blood Omen is a classic, Twin Snakes is one of the best remakes in the biz and Too Human was an excellent game hated for daring to not play like a clone of every other hack n slash console game since Dynasty Warriors 2.

    I fully agree on the epic stupidity of the hate/boycott and the majority of this article but saying ED is SK’s only good game just because it’s their best is … well … just plain wrong.


    1. I liked Blood Omen too! The reason I didn’t put it on there is that I was only talking about Nintendo’s partnership with SK in the past. Also, Twin Snakes was not a good remake of MGS1; Cyborg Ninja being made more ridiculous was amazing, but everything else was out of place and the game became easier. Also, why couldn’t Kojima be assed to give SK the MGS3 engine? Twin Snakes looked WORSE then MGS2! Also Jennifer Hale sounded awful in this version, she sounded so goddamn bored out of her skull!

      Hmm, so Too Human is actually decent? Color me intrigued.


      1. Too Human’s alright. It has its flaws, and needs to be cleaned up hereand there of a few things, but I had my share of fun. Played it multiple times in fact. I wouldn’t mind a sequel to be honest.


    1. I’m definitely not a gamer. I have always hated that word. Gamer and gaming are to playing video games as baller and balling are to playing basketball. Both sound dumb. That’s like saying someone who reads books is a booker and they are booking. I see Gamestop getting a lot of (well deserved) heat for the stupid stuff they do, but even they got it right. “Power to the PLAYERS”, as in we play video games. Aso, anyone who says hardcore, casual, kiddie, etc. when talking about video games deserves to me forcefully removed from the earth by whatever cosmic powers that may be. They are all just playing video games. Heck, I have had games of Fruit Ninja more fun and engaging than that garbage that passes as hardcore now-a-days.


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