A Message From Nintendo: Gotta Have Game

This scan is from the back of E3 Show Daily: Day 3 from E3 2000. It’s not a product ad,
but a departing statement from Hiroshi Yamauchi just before he retired (maybe). Almost 13 years later (that’s more than TWO Wii generations duct-taped together), does it still apply today?


… a little unbelievable in today’s post-casual world – but so what? People actually paid money for BALLOON FIGHT this month. Be grateful that one company stubbornly releases hundreds of Mario games every year while the rest of the shrinking goddamned industry insists on more scripted real-time movies at inflated prices.

Following waypoints and earning achievements over a 6-hour QTE campaign is the modern standard for entertainment – and recent console news indicates you’ll get to pay for it all over again. More GDDURP5 RAM means more innovation – soon you won’t be able to trade-in DUDEBROwn 2k12 towards the purchase of DUDEBROwn 2k13 because it will greatly help passionate game companies focus on bringing YOU the “content” that “matters”. Add that on top of the missing backwards compatibility and abandoned digital downloads: serious gamers will finally have that true living-room-worthy PC that never looks back to deliver the best in slightly interactive entertainment.

Unfortunately, next-gen isn’t so next-gen but little more than last-gen with cross-gen obviously holding back next-gen in favor of this-gen or multi-gen that’s basically non-gen and surely beyond anything we thought “multiplatform” was supposed to be. I thought new-gen waggle was awesome, but the rest of you might be walking into the greatest generation yet.

I’m so sorry.

Here’s the front page; ironically, I picked this up while attending E3 2001. Feel free to climax to the best of 2000’s digital promises.


“Was it Good for You? You came.”

5 thoughts on “A Message From Nintendo: Gotta Have Game

  1. That was my biggest problem with the PS4 conference. It signaled the “non-change” we would get with this upcoming gen.

    The worst part? Corridor shooters will still reign supreme, and Bethesda will still find a way to make their games buggy messes, despite the huge amounts of RAM and pure, unadulterated graphics being offered to them.

    Media Molecule’s sculpting game/demo was pretty cool, though. It made me smile how they said “F*** polygons!” right after silly David Cage was bragging about how amazing an old man’s head looked.


  2. My biggest concern is how Sony is finding money for this shit.

    Yearly billion dollar losses coupled with tons of closed studios and failing Vita equals… PS4! …?



  3. Thanks for sharing that message from Nintendo. There’s been some revisionist history going around these past few years that Nintendo only started downplaying specs with the Wii.


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