From Chat: Next Generation Barry


Pro Daisy: you know, if PXZ’s Bruce Willis aged a little more, we’d have a legitimate Barry Burton
Infernal Monkey: emo_LOL
Pro Daisy: the real Dynamite Cop
Infernal Monkey: =D
Chris: hell yes
Chris: that reminds me i was in the middle of playing REmake…. then Wii U came out and flashed its tits
Pro Daisy: such a gamer
Chris: imagine a Resident Evil game with pre-rendered graphics on the TV and first person view on the GamePad
Infernal Monkey: hahahahaha
Infernal Monkey: :O yes
Pro Daisy: whoa =o
Pro Daisy: please let all shooting be on the gamepad
Chris: would be hard to make since you’d basically be making two environments. but hell, games are hard. DEAL WITH IT, CAPCOM
Pro Daisy: it would be CHEAP cuz PRE-RENDERED for non-game
Pro Daisy: i like that idea, really
Infernal Monkey: first person view on gamepad, Barry on the TV screen

when you switch to off-screen play, you get Barry on the gamepad. when you want to switch back again, there’s a glitch which displays Barry on both screens. it is never patched
Chris: on the TV screen… you’re humping a wall

on the bottom screen you’re the MASTER OF UNLOCKING
Chris: ahahahahaha
Pro Daisy: “the Barry glitch”
Infernal Monkey: hahahahaha
Pro Daisy: ahahaha
Chris: “how do i get passed the Barry part”

“you don’t”
Infernal Monkey: i wish capcom would embrace Barry as much as the rest of the world has



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