Matto’s Favorite Switch Presentation Moments

Right, so. Nintendo had it’s big Switch reveal, and most of the Pietriots, myself included, were there to watch it. So while everyone is busy trying to downplay the positive reception to the reveal (ie selfish YouTubers, Game Jounalists, and those scared of motion controls still), I decided to list some of my favorite moments from the reveal. Let’s get going, shall we?



I did not know Koizumi was the main producer of the Switch console, but being the lead presenter at the Switch event, he worked it and he delivered in spades. From showing off the Joy-Cons themselves to revealing games, I want this man to be presenting Nintendo Directs for 2017.


Many of you might remember Miyamoto showing off Project Giant Robo at E3 2014, along with Project Guard, which later became Star Fox Guard. We haven’t heard about the game for over two years, but those who know Nintendo’s history know that game ideas that fall by the wayside tend to get picked up again and used for different things. After all, Splatoon was originally designed to be a Mario shooter game before it morphed into Splatoon.

That is what I think ARMS became; it was Giant Robo, then turned into this. The beginning of the trailer is actually my favorite part. Muscular Caucasian guy vs. Japanese school girl and they grow spring arms. This kind of bizarreness shows Nintendo is not afraid of being different and crazy. Also, ARMS looks like a more expanded upon Wii Sports boxing and that is definitely not a bad thing.



Rumors abound (hi Emily Rogers, Laura Kate Dale and Tamaki!) that Splatoon was supposedly going to get a Switch port with new things. If you remember our new edition to the yearly Pie Radio podcast, we all suspected this would happen. Well, we were proven wrong in the best way possible; we all knew Splatoon was getting a sequel considering how much of a splash it made, but we didn’t think we would get one so soon since Splatoon launched back in May 2015.

Anyway, what stole the part was Splatoon 2’s producer dressed in a scientist get-up and doing weird posing. It makes me so happy Nintendo’s staff is keeping Iwata’s legacy of doing funny things in Directs alive!



It should’ve been obvious that the event was being interpreted live on the Stream, but where most people would find something like this, being Nintendo releated, as an outrage (maybe?) our imaginations thought differently. Suda is known to be a crazy, outrageous guy, and when he revealed No More Heroes 3, he kept talking in Japanese and nobody knew what the hell he was saying. His actual speech has been translated on the net, from what I hear, but it was funny to pretend what he was really saying.


No good picture on the internet with these two together. Thanks Google Image search…

So. Nobody knew why EA was invited; considering the hell EA put Nintendo through with the WiiU’s beginning years (UNPRECEDENTED SUPPORT HUR HUR), the bridge should’ve been burned all over the place. But Whoever-The-Fuck-He-Is EA guy decided to speak to the audience of people with our lovable NoA Treehouse Exec Bill Trinen translating from English to Japanese. We could all tell Bill didn’t want to do this, because the face he was making was “shit, get me away from this guy.”

I heard the EA stench is hard to get out. Requires two weeks worth of lemon juice to get out.

So there, those were my favorite moments. If you want, share yours in the comments. We won’t mind.

6 thoughts on “Matto’s Favorite Switch Presentation Moments

  1. Outside of the terrible translation of suda51 (thankfully someone put up subtitles recently and clarified a lot of information), I thought the overall presentation was pretty neat-o.
    It didn’t WOW and HYPE me like other Nintendo presentations… But that has more to do with the fact that I found the “NX”‘s rumored designs to be… Safe.
    Perhaps not tech-wise, but it was certainly safe play-wise.

    I got back into gaming because of the Wii… Because boundaries were being tested and opening up new venues. The NX…? Eh… Powered up Vita.

    The Switch presentation at least got me to perk up…
    The HD Rumble? FASCINATING.
    ARMS? Looks like A BLAST to play.
    Bomberman? Good to see you again!
    Puyo Puyo Tetris? Been a while since I’ve played a Puyo Puyo! Been even longer since I’ve played a Tetris VS! Looking forward to it!
    That Mario Odyssey? Color me interested! (Coming from someone who’s not that into mainline Mario games)
    Project Octopath? Gorgeous! Solid release date please? (Also, wife noted that the title may refer to the 8-fold path of Buddha?)

    Everything else played out as expected…
    Skyrim? Eh… Zelda does it better.
    Xenoblade 2? Don’t know enough to get hype. Very animu.
    Splatoon 2? Cool, but until I hear more about the local multiplayer and the single player, I’m just treating it like Mario Kart: Of course I’m gonna get it, but since I’ve played one – I’m not gonna be dazzled by its next iteration.
    FIFA? Geez… That smug look on that man’s face… Ugh… And after hearing that it’s the 360/ps3 version with some adjustments? UGH. JUST LEAVE, EA. I know you at least have to “stick it up to Nintendo one more time before you go” as your quota, but the only people that cheer for you are manchildren. Nothing to boast about.
    12 Switch? I’m interested, but it’s not the kind of thing to get hyped about.

    And uh…. Can’t remember what else.
    Most of my memory is just locked onto ARMS and HD Rumble. THAT’S what I’m looking forward to… But really, that’s it.

    I already preordered… 3 Switches (1 for each of my roomies), some amiibo, and some games…
    That’s over $1,000, btw. But…
    1) I’m not waiting 2-3 months for a restock.
    2) I’m not gonna hold off on buying one for one of us and end up not getting it ever like we did the Wii U (we could never form Squid Squads because of this).
    And 3) I’ve been saving $50-120 per month for a year for the “NX” – the savings took away a major blow off the price.

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  2. It was a great presentation. It certainly wasn’t as bad as some people made it out to be. That HD Rumble is looking pretty good. I want that Zelda more than ever. I’ve got 3 games I want at launch and I want it day one.


  3. Is it just me, or does ARMS remind anyone of Monkey Fight from Super Monkey Ball?

    (apologies if this comment is duplicated, WordPress has broken my account)


    1. Good observation, I loved Monkey Fight and the mechanic is similar to that but with a 3D camera. Maybe that is Nagoshi’s game…? Another funny moment for me when he got up and said NOTHING. Just for a moment, it felt like a Sony E3 presentation.


  4. It was great to see them explain the controller so well, by far the most important part for me. I thought they would shy away from their motion control innovations, but they have IMPROVED them. The Splatoon 2 trailer also got me hyped beyond belief, a true sequel to what has become my favourite game ever. It has SO much new stuff crammed into the trailer and I can’t wait to try all the new specials. Almost none of the old weapons / stages appear to be returning which is incredibly brave. ARMS looks like awesome fun too, I hope the online is good.


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