Matto’s Favorite Switch Presentation Moments

Right, so. Nintendo had it’s big Switch reveal, and most of the Pietriots, myself included, were there to watch it. So while everyone is busy trying to downplay the positive reception to the reveal (ie selfish YouTubers, Game Jounalists, and those scared of motion controls still), I decided to list some of my favorite moments … Continue reading Matto’s Favorite Switch Presentation Moments

Pietriots Radio – Episode 4 (Switchmas Eve Speculation!)

We're BACK! Join Grubdog, Bill, Deguello and Matto for some hype and speculation about the Nintendo Switch. With the official event approaching next week (January 12-13), we thought we'd get together to talk about the build-up, games, third party support, and the hardware itself. It's been a while since the last podcast, so we made … Continue reading Pietriots Radio – Episode 4 (Switchmas Eve Speculation!)

Wii U GamePad analog stick surgery – SUCCESS!

After 1000 hours of intense Splatoon play, my left analog stick was getting old and losing its freshness. It would start to do its own thing in the middle of games, randomly not responding, going down, right, wherever it wanted. This is not a common console problem related to calibration, but a problem with the … Continue reading Wii U GamePad analog stick surgery – SUCCESS!

Splatfest – Black Tie Conspiracy (Japan/Worldwide)

A new Splatfest is upon us, but there's something different about this one. Normally announced by Callie and Marie, this one came in the form of an invitation. This is the Miiverse message I received from a user named ???. Dear SuperChris, we are holding a Splatfest on May 14. You can either wear Formal … Continue reading Splatfest – Black Tie Conspiracy (Japan/Worldwide)

Splatfest – Gotta Splat ‘Em All! (Pokemon Blue vs Pokemon Red)

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was To splat them is my real test, to claim the turf wars I will travel across the ink, letting off inkstrikes Teach Pokemon to understand, the freshness that's insiiiiiiiiiide POKEMON, GOTTA SPLAT THEM ALL!! Yeah!! The humans may have been useless, dumb and weak, … Continue reading Splatfest – Gotta Splat ‘Em All! (Pokemon Blue vs Pokemon Red)

Splatfest – Barbarians vs Ninjas (EU/AUS)

HYARRGHHH!! ROOOAAAARRR!! HNNNNNNNN!! Splat what? What fest? GO AWAY, I DON'T CARE!! Wait, what's this Ninja crap? Ninjas vs Barbarians sounds like a joke. Do ninjas even do anything? They sit around and hide while the real players take all the Turf and slam down the Rainmaker. These players are the bane of every team. … Continue reading Splatfest – Barbarians vs Ninjas (EU/AUS)

Splatfest – Pineapple Liberation (EU/AUS)

It's a debate that's raged for centuries. Wars have been fought over it. Entire civilisations have fallen. Since the dawn of time, squids have fought over whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. That's right, the age old question. Does pineapple belong on pizza?  Ancient drawings from million year old squid civilisations depict a pizza … Continue reading Splatfest – Pineapple Liberation (EU/AUS)