Yoshi’s Unused Woolly World – Fluffy Daydreams


What’s that, Poochy? *sniff sniff* Wow! It’s a treasure trove of brand new music! Composer of Yoshi’s Woolly World, Tomoya Tomita, has uploaded some songs to his Youtube account. Included in this playlist are 6 original compositions for Yoshi’s Woolly World that were not included in the final game. It really makes you think, Poochy. What could these songs have been made for? What if there were brand new levels to accompany them, and we never got to see them? Could they still be hiding, somewhere in Woolly World? Let’s use our imaginations and go through the unused tracks one by one!

Yay! This place is real. The terrain looks pretty familiar with grassy surfaces, friendly clouds, pipes and cozy orange platforms. Yoshi runs forward with eager beady eyes. A Shy Guy marches towards Yoshi with determination, but Yoshi jumps over it with ease. No point eating this Shy Guy and ruining its day, it might just be enjoying a walk. What’s this? 3 more Shy Guys, this is getting dangerous now. Yoshi bounces on all 3 of them. Plop, plop, plop. It had to be done. Yoshi had some speed and pressed against a wall accidentally. Oooh, it’s moving inwards! A hidden flower, alright! This is all too familiar. Yoshi jumped up to some platforms to face off with some hungry Piranha Plants. Without any yarn, Yoshi had to do some tricky jumping to get out of this. Yoshi bounced to the left and collected some yarn balls. Hnnngggg! The Piranhas were wrapped in string with two quick shots and Yoshi then bounced over them. A few high platforms dared Yoshi to complete the stage. It looked like a tricky arrangement, but with a springy step Yoshi was at the end of this level in no time.

After conquering enemy encounters in the first snuggly setpiece, Yoshi was brimming with comfy confidence. The prospect of another new level was so exciting. Yoshi ran through some yarn and bounced up three platforms with ease. This is so fun! A lot of these high platforms are easy, but you have to keep jumping to avoid some obstacles. It’s not a big deal if you fall, with a solid ground below. It just means some more platforming. With no time limit, the easy beat gives Yoshi a sense of wonder and interest. There were a lot of secrets in this level, and not much stuff in plain sight. Yoshi pushed against every wall, and bopped his curious head against every roof. It didn’t matter if there were secrets or not. He was just having a great time.

Ooh, this level has a bit more going on. What’s this strange thing, a wheel? Boing, boing, phew. Some monkeys jump towards Yoshi but he avoids them by ducking. They are then carried off by the wheel. Bye bye, monkeys! Yoshi approaches a little cave area and stops for a bit. Which path is the right one? Nope, not this one. Yoshi finds himself at a dead end surrounded by thick walls. There’s a pipe with Shy Guys endlessly coming out, and they don’t care about Yoshis situation. Yoshi eats them all until they stop, then feels a bit lonely for a second as he stares at the wall. Oh, that’s right! Back to the start of the maze, Yoshi finds the right path and continues on. A pipe takes him through some thick walls as he emerges in a big rectangular room. There are some rolling spikes to jump over, Yoshi carefully makes it through and triumphs through yet another goal ring.

Brrrrrr!! It’s cold here. Not even Yoshi’s cozy yarn layers provide enough warmth for this level. Yoshi emerges out of an icy tunnel to the beautiful sight of snow falling from the sky. Yarryooooshi!! In an instant, the chill is replaced with a feeling of awe. This climate was harsh but very special and different. Yoshi jumped up 5 hard platforms to shake off the fear. This was no different to any other level, as long as Yoshi could focus. A snowflake landed on Yoshi’s nose and sent a shiver throughout his body, traveling along a thread until it hit his funny yarn spot. YosHIII! Hut! Yoshi knew that the only way to fight the cold was to keep moving. Every jump led to another beautiful sight, as Yoshi climbed up high to get a great view of the end of the level. Just keep going Yoshi, you can do it. Don’t look back. Enjoy being alive. Enjoy being a Yoshi. While running towards the goal ring Yoshi looked back for just a moment, a hint of uncertainty in his eyes. Would he ever see something so beautiful again?

Woooooow. The Yoshis have discovered a brand new land beyond the harsh weather. It has very odd colours, different to anything they’ve ever seen. Nervously running forward, a mix of excitement and fear runs through Yoshis fluffy threads. Yoshi leaps onto the first platform and stops for a moment. It’s safe. This place is mysterious but trustworthy. Yoshi jumps on a strange see-through platform, what kind of thread is this? Ooooh! Boing, boing! It bounces Yoshi up through a small gap in the roof. Little pink creatures circled a tunnel and Yoshi had to be careful not to hit them or disturb them. It was easy to be patient when they looked so interesting. Yoshi tried to talk to them “Yoshi!”, but they didn’t respond. Best be on our way.

Yaaaay! We’re home! All the Yoshis were excited to see some green terrain they were familiar with. The woolly grass provided a perfect blanket for their worn feet to decompress. It was a good thing Yoshi felt rejuvenated, as he was going to need all the energy he could muster here. This was a challenging stage and Yoshi had to aim some pretty tough shots, while platforming at the same time. It was a tricky stage but Yoshi knew exactly what to do, with the familiar objects in the environment re-assuring him. Every level had prepared him for this. The terrain morphed from green to blue but Yoshi kept the same colour and approach. Yoshi looked towards the screen with a smile. We can do anything now! What a fun game! Hahahaha! That’s right, we did it Yoshi. We got through a great game together and witnessed many great sights, discovering a new part of ourselves along the way.

Hope everyone had fun listening to these extra levels. Could you imagine them, Poochy?


Another thing worth mentioning, is that Tomoya Tomita is going freelance. Oh no! What does that mean?! No more Yoshi’s Woolly World music? No silly, that’s only what the bad people are saying. Tomita has confirmed he will continue to work with Good-Feel on their future projects. He just likes music so much, he wants to make more and more! Maybe we’ll see more fluffy remixes in the future?

Ruff…. RUFF!

Oh that’s right Poochy, you have a 3DS game to get back to! It’s not just Yoshi’s Woolly World anymore, it’s Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World! The demo is out on the eShop right now and runs at an incredible 60FPS if you have a New 3DS. What does that mean? Don’t worry about the technical jargon Poochy. It’s just a lot more fun to move around!


See you in Woolly World!

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