No, Game Critics and YouTube Critics, StarLink isn’t the best Star Fox game

To think otherwise makes you an idiot, because StarLink is not even remotely close to a Star Fox game in style. The game, from what I’ve seen in trailers and footage, is closer to No Man’s Sky in execution. It is not a Star Fox game, and if you are crowing it should be, then you need to shut the hell up.

This is a real Star Fox game.

StarFoxZero OmegaZone

Star Fox Zero was one of the several WiiU titles to fall victim to stupid fans and stupid game critics. We here at Pietriots loved the game to pieces, but it wasn’t enough to convince people it was a great game because stupid YouTube dips said it was bad to control (fun fact: this is bullshit, it’s called learning how to control things). Said YouTube dips are also saying that StarLink is the the Star Fox game they wanted since their childhood, but I find that disingenuous as fuck. Are they really telling the truth, or are they doing it because their verified YouTube user status means they are making money off of their BS views? Furthermore, are they directly advertising for the publisher?

My only hope for Star Fox Zero to get the respect it deserves are two ways: first, it appears on Awesome Games Done Quick. How will this help? Another WiiU gem, DKC: Tropical Freeze, received shit reviews because “it was too hard” (ironic how they salivate over Dark Souls, eh?). Come a couple of stints on Games Done Quick and a Switch port, it finally gets the respect it deserves. I do believe Star Fox Zero can make it Switch, just with some changes here and there (targeting mode would probably have to be axed entirely).

And people think YouTubers are better than gaming journalists. Don’t make me laugh.

7 thoughts on “No, Game Critics and YouTube Critics, StarLink isn’t the best Star Fox game

  1. I am playing Starlink right now, actually. Zero is way, way better… almost laughably so.

    You really do get the impression that the YouTubers pushing this narrative never actually played either. Starlink is loaded with problems that make playing it kind of a chore.


    1. That was exactly my point, most “professional” YouTube Gamers (and I try to type that without laughing my ass off) are coming off of liars because even Nintendo’s own E3 Treehouse footage of the game didn’t show a Star Fox game. It only showed a No Man’s Sky game with admittedly better production values and that was about it.

      On top of that, this game seemingly requires you have a toy attached to an accessory for it to work all the damn time. I mean, fuck, Star Fox Zero did have Amiibo support but they were mostly fun extras, and all you had to do was tap the WiiU GamePad. I like the Black Arwing for being boss as hell for double lock-on from the get-go.


  2. I personally like Starlink… But I’m not playing it as a Star Fox game.
    I’m playing it as a Starlink game. Only leveling up Fox so he could do the Star Wolf missions. Outside of that, I’m playing the other characters more (with Eli being my fave).

    Starlink is completely *not* a Star Fox game. In order for that to be the case, there needs to be on-rail maps, a focus on dodging obstacles, and unlocking secrets via path selection – with only half as much free-flight dog combat.
    I love me some free-flight combat, and I even love me some management simulation alongside *some* fetch quests… I especially love me some exploring.
    But those are NOT what make a Star Fox game. It’s great that this game has a strong Star Fox segment (rather than just a skin), but that doesn’t automatically make it a Star Fox game.

    It’s like it you put Mario in a GTA-esque game… It can be great, and Mario’s mechanics make it fun, but it’s not a Mario game.
    The only ones who can say it is/isn’t are Nintendo. And as far as I know, the last game they called Star Fox, made by a third party, was the one on Wii U.

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  3. I’ve said it elsewhere, but I’ll repeat it here… in ten years, the same reviewers and critics who blasted Star Fox Zero will come back and gush about how it was a “hidden gem” and “mis-understood” and “really used the Wii U hardware” and then lament about how it was such a shame that Nintendo never did anything that innovative with the franchise again.

    Haven’t had a chance to try out StarLink: Fox’s Excellent Adventure yet, my gut is telling me to wait for Black Friday before making the plunge, but it looks interesting. Intentionally been staying away from reviews, since I haven’t trusted reviews for years (again, see Star Fox Zero)

    Oh, and Matto, I’m not sure how accurate this is, since I don’t own the game yet, but supposedly all the toys and stuff are also digital so you don’t NEED to have it attached all the time? I could be wrong. Still kinda cool to have a little arwing toy though. 🙂


  4. I have mixed feelings about this because Starlink is a brand new game and it’s own IP, and it’s pretty damaging to shit on that game especially if you haven’t played it. However Star Fox Zero is also incredible and definitely a pure flying experience, compared to the seemingly more exploration based gameplay of Starlink? Just critics being silly again. Both games have their place and we should be welcoming to more Star Fox in any form, because it’s not often a series that doesn’t sell too well continues getting support. Imagine throwing some F-Zero stuff into GTA or something. I’d take it.


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