“Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: BATCH 5 FINAL

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I really wanted to do a special Halloween Durpthrough of a random horror game in my collection, giving you all an uncensored, uncut look into how much I freak out when I'm playing a REAL horror game.  Unfortunately, I currently sound like a frog being cranked through a meat grinder thanks to the … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: BATCH 5 FINAL

“Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Super Late Batch 4

These have been uploaded for quite a while, but I forgot to post them here on the site before I went on vacation.  Those of you who actually care probably already noticed them on PieTube, but here they are anyway.  The last batch should be up sometime in the next few days (the ending sucks, … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Super Late Batch 4

Nintendo Connection Tour 2011 – Impressions

Nintendo Australia are currently touring the country with a new Connection Tour, giving fans the chance to show up and play some highly anticipated unreleased games. I was lucky enough to find time to attend one of them in Parramatta Westfield, and I spent a good few hours playing Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D … Continue reading Nintendo Connection Tour 2011 – Impressions

“Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Batch 3

ZOMBIES!  ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE THEY ARE ALL OVER ME GET THEM OFF!   OH GOD THEY ARE IN MY PANTS NOW IN MY PAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! ... And now for something completely the same:  Batch 3 of our Dead Island Durpthrough.  The second vid is the last "full" clip I'm uploading, because it's pretty boring sitting around … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Batch 3

“Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Batch 2

Ferny and I have been cranking time into this game (mostly to just get the damn thing over with), so this time there are four videos as opposed to three!  What to look forward to in our latest adventures: ~ Our desperate attempt to find ANY (non-gun) weapons! ~ More jerk-offs who have nothing better … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Batch 2

“Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Batch 1

Hey, Bill here.  I've been gone for a very...very long time for a number of issues including me becoming Dr. Bill, being out of town, and me just being a lazy bastard in general.  So hopefully now that things have stabilized a bit I'm hoping I can post more material.  One thing in particular I … Continue reading “Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Batch 1