“Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Super Late Batch 4

These have been uploaded for quite a while, but I forgot to post them here on the site before I went on vacation.  Those of you who actually care probably already noticed them on PieTube, but here they are anyway.  The last batch should be up sometime in the next few days (the ending sucks, by the way, SURPRISE!), so until then enjoy the game-breaking glitches!

5 thoughts on ““Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: Super Late Batch 4

  1. I had finally got around to playing this game and man does it start sucking balls about 1/4 of the way through. With the zombies scaling with you so strongly, everything about this game starts to become a chore. Curb stomping reduces the time to kill an individual zombie, it still doesn’t make it any less of a chore and is worthless for engaging multiple zombies.

    As you level up, the leveling scale effect gets stronger meaning the zombies out grow whatever weapon you have even faster than at the beginning of the game. The mods don’t crit enough and even the toughest weapons have the durability of rolled up newspaper.

    The most enjoyable parts of this game is when you’re shooting people, not killing zombies. That is just wrong. This “Game” is so much work I couldn’t be bothered finishing it.

    What a shame.


  2. This game just proves to me that the Western Game Industry has run out of ideas and just copies Valve and Modern Warfare. I’m sorry that I am insulting your game Deep Silver, but when games like Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 64, the Metroid Prime series and Half-Life are older and do things better then your stupid game, something is seriously wrong with you.

    Oh, and add both Portal games to the list too.


    1. The dev studio behind Cursed Mountain (fall 2009) was shut down less than a year after its release (during the great “abondon the Wii” period of 2010). Guess who didn’t get shut down.


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