“Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: BATCH 5 FINAL


I really wanted to do a special Halloween Durpthrough of a random horror game in my collection, giving you all an uncensored, uncut look into how much I freak out when I’m playing a REAL horror game.  Unfortunately, I currently sound like a frog being cranked through a meat grinder thanks to the horrible timing of a heinous mix of bronchitis and laryngitis.  So instead of something that might have been good, you get the final batch of Dead Island clips.

I completely skipped recording the prison section of the game right before the final boss because, well, I was sick of recording at the time, and didn’t realize we were so close to the end.  It’s not like you missed anything anyway.

So enjoy our last leg through the jungle, our bout with the ultimate worst final boss this generation, and finally the ridiculous closure (or lack thereof) of this miserable pile of pumpkin snot.  The horror…THE HORROR!

4 thoughts on ““Durpthroughs” – Dead Island Co-op: BATCH 5 FINAL

  1. Thank goodness this terribleness is over.

    I took the liberty of going through some of the metacritic reviews. I have to say, WTF are the professional reviewers smoking that makes this game a bloody 8/10 average?!? Gamespy gave it a 90/100, then the writer disowns his own review by un-crediting himself. WTH.

    I swear everyone who rated this game 80+ didn’t play past the first quater. Then there are reviewers who don’t know what an 8/10 is. Nor could they identify a broken game mechanics if it was eating their arm dipped in BBQ sauce. The Story was the least of this game’s problems.

    Fuck this mess, go play a good game.


  2. Man, you and Ferny really need to do a Durpthrough on Dead Island: Riptide. Just for the lulz perhaps, mainly because Riptide is more of the same crap that you slogged through.

    Great walkthrough by the way. More Durpthroughs plz.


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