How much Reggie can you fit into a kart? THIIIIIIIIIIIS MUCH! (not to scale)

Have you wondered what Reggie does in his spare time when he’s not off kicking ass and taking names?  He’s off playing that kiddy Mario Kart Wii game and mugging himself into every possible shot of the action!  Here are just a select few of these sightings…

Reggie gives other racers a generous head-start while he mugs for the camera.

Reggie forgets his list of names, and pulls a sharp 180 in the middle of the race to go back and get it…

Reggie makes sure the camera is watching as he takes a tight drift without even looking at the road.

Reggie shows off his wheelie doom-kart abilities.  Why?  Because HE CAN.  BUT! (PLOT TWIST)

He tries again and is distracted by the tasty-looking wall in front of him…

A third attempt breaks a hole in the time-space continuum and physics as we know it is shattered forever…

Can you spot the Reggie?  It’s like “Where’s Waldo?” (Or “Where’s Wally?” if you live in the land of fairies, A.K.A. Aussie-land.)

Reggie, the trailblazer, defies arrows telling him to go straight.

This defiance of the rules sometimes leads to Reggie disasters, but damned if he’s not going to look smug and awesome while doing it!

Determining that his presence wasn’t producing as much impact as he would like, Reggie takes drastic measures to take over the screen.

For fun, Reggie sometimes uses himself as a springboard for massive air.

Though other times he just hitches along for the ride…


Reggie does, however, prefer using biker cheats as pack mules…

At the end of the day, Reggie has decided that driving with his butt is the manly way to go.

So keep an eye out on the Mushroom Kingdom raceways.  You just may see Reggie out there (or two, or three, or four, or five) booting all the biker cheats back into their dismal no-win reality where their only “victory” is their gamer score full of bullshit achievements.  Because the only good cheater is one being humiliated into a 6th place standing!

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