Pietriots Best Of Nintendo Wii!

Whelp, it's already here. On November 18th, the Wii U ushered in a new generation of Nintendo hardware, and I’m very excited. Once again, we have a new controller that will deliver different experiences - but as we all know only niche developers and Nintendo will do something about it. Third parties? Haha don’t make … Continue reading Pietriots Best Of Nintendo Wii!

Reggie Sports Resort – Videos

The REGGIE SERIES is BACK, enhanced with the power of Reggie MotionPlus. Epic. His throbbing demand increases. Any good workout stimulates his appetite for ass and names. Expect more REGGIE SERIES in the near future. Note: Screens and videos were made from direct feed 480p source. View/Download: Wii Sports Resort - Reggie Sports, 3 60fps … Continue reading Reggie Sports Resort – Videos

Operation Rainfall’s biggest challenge

It's not from Nintendo. It's not language barriers or translation issues. It's not some greedy CEO who gets a hard-on from punishing people. It's the gaming media, and so called "fans" who are threatening boycotts and trolling Wii just like they've been doing since 2006. Operation Rainfall is a campaign set up by fans of … Continue reading Operation Rainfall’s biggest challenge