“Durp!” – “Epic Games”? Try EPIC FAIL

Epic Games’ CEO Mark Rein has been long known to have some unfathomable grudge against Nintendo for reasons unknown, most likely due to reasons surrounding Nintendo not buying their god-awful Unreal Engine license.  Late last year, Mark made a rather amusing comment when asked about Nintendo’s 3DS.

“It’s below our [minimum specifications], from what we can tell.  We don’t have a 3DS, so there’s no way for us to verify that.  Everything we’ve been led to believe is that it’s below our min-spec. You couldn’t do a game that looks like [Epic Citadel] on it, for example.”

It’s pretty amazing that Mark Rein, someone who has no technical knowledge whatsoever, has the ability to tell what they can and cannot do with the system without actually playing around with it.  Surely he must have some sort of basis behind this statement, right?

Resident Evil: Mercenaries Vs. for iPhone

Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for Nintendo 3DS


Oh.  Hey Mark, we need to talk…

“Like I said, we really don’t know enough about it to make a formal comment, but I think if they considered that our engine would be good on it, they would have probably talked to us about it.”


13 thoughts on ““Durp!” – “Epic Games”? Try EPIC FAIL

  1. Isn’t that how it works now? Developer says, “Nintendo, ___ isn’t good enough,” and hopes Nintendo will visit their office, bend over, and do what the developer asks? (in that order)

    This isn’t the Sony era anymore; the market leader isn’t soliciting door-to-door, promising to subsidize every pitiful 3rd Party project.

    Nintendo is reliving the NES era: it’s Blue Ocean all around, and it’s SINK-OR-SWIM for 3rd Parties.


  2. Oh shit SHOTS FIRED!

    I think the reason they’ll never make a game on a Nintendo platform is that they want to be seen as number one for engines and graphics, and they wouldn’t be able to match up to Nintendos core teams. It’s not a constructive mindset and bad for the industry.


  3. All North American developers are Xbots.

    Mark Rein’s comment shows that the third excuse makers have finally run out of excuses.

    N64: “LOL cartridges”

    Gamecube: “LOL kiddy LOL not market leader”

    Wii: “LOL casual LOL underpowered”

    3DS: “It’s… It’s not powerful enough. Maybe. I don’t know.”


  4. I can no longer view THAT FORUM since I was banned, but I can still see the feedback comments on the main page. Ian seems to have gotten angrier. He’ll say something like “HOW CAN ANYONE DEFEND THIS?” and NO ONE is left to disagree with him. He’s arguing against imaginary posters. Not that he ever read anyone elses posts anyway.


  5. With the XBrick fan boys buying their shit left-right and center, my hopes for Epic Games going bankrupt is very far away.



  6. I think you guys are over-simplifying. Epic may not have had their hands on a 3DS before launch, but I’m pretty sure Mark Rein knows the requirements of his company’s middleware well enough that he can make a reasonable judgment of compatibility by just having a casual conversation about the 3DS over lunch with a friend who did get a devkit.

    That’s not to say that some version of UE3 couldn’t be made to run on it, just like Capcom’s MTF, but Epic may prefer to spend their limited man-power on other projects instead, and we shouldn’t blame them for doing so. They have their niche, and are highly successful and profitable within it. Personally I may not be a huge fan of their games, but not everybody has to be Nintendo – especially if their own strategy is so profitable!


  7. So, his marketing strategy is to lie. Maybe he doesn’t know cuz he never tried, and still hasn’t. Is he just waiting around for a sudden partnering agreement in a world where Nintendo happily reaches out to everyone?

    Sink or swim, 3rd party.


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