TrackMania Wii – Wi-Fi Videos Part 1

FapMania – Australia-America Wi-Fi Connection

Highlights of NOA REGGIE terrorizing TrackMania Wi-Fi some weekend ago. Grubdog, Infernal Monkey, and Pro Daisy were there to witness his mania. We said, “WOW.”

TrackMania emphasizes pure driving and amazing track design. Rather than rubbing bumpers with other cars repeatedly in a set loop, the tracks are primarily Point A to Point B while the other players behave like ghosts. Instead of “grand prix every damn time,” TrackMania’s multiplayer has an alternative approach, mainly:

Time Attack – Get the fastest completion time within a certain number of minutes (points awarded at the very end). You can restart as many times as you want, whenever you want within the time limit.
Rounds – Complete the track a set number of times for top placement (points awarded after each round). Everyone starts at the same time, but everyone [should?] finish to start the next round.

While driving might be serious on the first try, life can change quickly the next*. Video tells all. Follow the link to see the full races in 60fps glory.

* Reggie has no obligation to guard rails nor boundaries. No road can contain him.
** LAFFO, Pro has serious difficulty driving in 3rd person thanks to screen lag during video capture.

Note: Videos were made from direct feed 480p source.

TrackMania Wii, 4 60fps videos (DivX)

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