On the Next Episode of Dorky Dad


With the kids out on Kamp Kinect for the weekend, Dorky Dad finally has some time to himself!dorkydad2.jpg

But oh no!

Creepy Uncle has dropped by!

And he’s brought his new child friend; Sweetie Pie!

And just when Dorky Dad was getting friendly with Spunky Black Girl.

But can they work together to get rid of annoying neighbour Stoned Punk?

And just who are these Hip Asians taking over the neighbourhood?

What’s a Dad to do?

You can catch Dorky Dad on channel E3, Monday, the 6th of June at 9:30am Pacific Time. 

Dorky Dad is filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Talk to the stars, like Awkward Actress, on your soon to be released Skype for Xbox 360!

Fan favourites Discoshirt Drew, Cool Blackman and Loud Jerk will also be there!

Fuck I can’t wait for Microsoft’s conference! What memorable new characters will debut this year?

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