Geist Videos – Revisiting The Mature

About a month before suffering my Professional Engineer Exams at the end of October, I fired up Geist for the Nintendo SHEETKYUUB (actually, my Wii system) in an effort to update my aging, neglected GC video library. This recording session was the FIRST and ONLY time I played ANY “dual analog” shooter this entire generation (2006-2011). This experience was HORRIBLE. I kept tarding-out into walls like classic Resident Evil controls, and the screen was stiff and jerky while the camera dragged ass. And the enemies were kind enough to shoot me with 20-30 rifle rounds without killing me, sympathetic to your inability to be a real threat (impotence) given the limitations of the “traditional” input method.

From what I hear, today’s shooty games treat customers like children more than ever; probably because it’s the most appropriate thing to do.

Why do people keep playing like this after 10 years? (and keep paying for it?)  Why are games still made this way? What’s wrong with this industry?

Luckily, the game’s first-person adventure (FPA) principles are still intact and meaningful after all these years.

Does anyone remember the former upcoming next-generation “possession mechanic” zombie action-strategy title, Possession? Nope, nobody.

Congrats, n-Space – despite the cruel passage of time, your masterpiece is still unrivaled.

Geist, 7 videos (DivX)

4 thoughts on “Geist Videos – Revisiting The Mature

  1. Just because he showed you up with some fancy nade launcher killing doesn’t mean you should shoot the black guy in the back of the head. For shame.

    You just had to pick one of the worse shooters that isn’t Turok on GC. Now that is a terrible game. The gunplay is so terrible.


  2. If you take out the ghost parts of Geist, it becomes every single FPS released today.

    Back to playing a good FPS. Hello Half Life. Hello Goldeneye 64. Hello Perfect Dark. Hello Metroid Prime Collection.


  3. Thank you for reminding me the controls are what prevented me from taking on the games final boss, and I should be ashamed for abandoning this title all those years ago.


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