Nintendo Direct – Better Than E3?

“Great stuff, Nintendo really did hold back at E3!”

“Only Nintendo could royally screw up the biggest trade show of the year but absolutely DESTROY a random Thursday at midnight.”

“Nintendo doesn’t really give a shit about E3 (and maybe any press events) anymore. They love Nintendo Direct. “

“That was approximately a billion times better than E3”

“Way better than E3!”

About A Billion Times Better

I’m pretty excited about Animal Crossing and the new 3DS redesign, but the internet is just too easy to make fun of right now. Nintendo Direct had a successful community reaction because it came out of the blue and completely bypassed all expectations and hype the media likes to sling around. Nintendo found the winning formula for releasing information: talking directly to the fans.

Sorry gaming press, you fucked up and now Nintendo doesn’t need you.

11 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct – Better Than E3?

  1. For those of you complaining the 3DS XL came too quickly, remember that people buy $500 iPhone upgrades yearly. And they have been doing it for the last five years.

    And ahahahahaha at the comments. Damn it Grub you just find the best ones.


      1. I think he means why didn’t the 3DS have a better screen, better buttons and better battery life from the get go. None of these fixes have suddenly become available with the advent of new technology discovered in the last year. Nor are they resolving a massive oversight in the original design that has to be fixed ASAP ala the GBA SP.

        It’s a new model that features nothing that couldn’t have been on the market in 2011 and aside the portion of people who want a smaller handheld for extreme portability purposes is an all around superior design.

        As much as I intend to get it due to it being far more suited for my needs it definitely reeks of cash grab. Just because Apple does it worse doesn’t mean others aren’t guilty and for a company who seems so opposed to multiple SKU’s in consoles Nintendo sure does love to play this card with handhelds.


      2. Or in hindsight, considering all the negative news the 3DS was getting, having that released during Christmas would’ve added more fuel to fire. Could the 3DS XL have been released last year? Sure, but something positive turns negative in the narrow minds of gaming ‘journalists’ and ‘gamers’, which Nintendo originally tried to appeal to with the 3DS originally.

        Thankfully, with the 3DS looking like the only real place for good handheld quality gaming, its in a good spot minus Nintendo catering to the whiners needs and making a 3DS Pro. Because as Golden Phoenix greatly put:

        “Really it is no different then the DS, should have Nintendo added an analog stick to compete with Sony’s PSP? It could be argued that, yes, but only before the DS launched. Once it launched it was too late, and you know what? NDS went on to be one of the most successful systems in history with one of greatest (And IMO THE greatest) game line up in history. Developers, gasp, made due with the limitation as they will the 3DS, and hey if they want they can go ahead and add optional dual analog controls. If they want to make the controls exclusive to dual analog they can go ahead and release a bundle like Guitar Hero did. They have two options there.

        If Nintendo released a redesigned unit with two sticks, and that model ended up outselling the original, causing developers to develop exclusive controls for it (which you know some would do after a certain point), they would be effectively cutting off MILLIONS of original 3DS owners, splitting their market. Some think consumers get ticked off when the price of something is sliced greatly (like the 3DS, though for myself, I was ok with it because that is how things go sometimes, and I got the ambassador games) just you wait until the “LOL you have outdated 3DS handheld and can’t play this title” game comes out.”

        I just don’t get it.


  2. “The 3DS XL bumps the price up and won’t fit in my pocket anymore – no longer qualified to be a portable. What won’t Nintendo cater to my needs?”


    1. They want the 3DS to become a fucking game console on the go. These shitheads don’t deserve to whine.


  3. I like the idea of the 3DS XL. That bigger screen looks pretty sweet. I wonder why they decided to do this now? I mean release a revision. It will be better for people with bigger hands, though.


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