Hideki Kamiya is Cool. You are not.

Now who is this cool looking bald guy smiling? Why this is Hideki Kamiya, a game director at Platinum Games. He’s directing Project P-100 for Nintendo and it looks super swell, one of my most anticipated WiiU games.


You fucking twats on Twitter don’t like the fact Hideki Kamiya’s next project is being published and by an extent funded by Nintendo as a WiiU launch title. For those of you throwing a whiny bitch-fit over Nintendo not making enough new games, you seem pretty keen to bitch at Kamiya over Twitter and calling the WiiU a future failure to him.

The guy is a Twitter nut. At this moment, he has about ten thousand plus tweets. Most of them are replies to morons who keep asking him the same questions over and over again. Hell, some asshole had to nerve to say that because he’s making a game for WiiU (being published by Nintendo), he is no longer a GOOD game director. Wow, great job fuckhead. Nice work saying that to the guy who directed Resident Evil 2’s second version in only a YEAR, invented the modern day third person brawler (which was later ruined by Western developers), made an awesome side-scrolling brawler, and a adventure game based on Japanese mythology and fairy tales.

And the games after his first two were hardly bought by you fuckheads when Capcom screwed Nintendo over with the Capcom 5 exlcusivity deal. PS2 has a bigger audience? They certainly didn’t do much to help Clover stay in business.

Hey, hardcore zealots, hardly any of you bought any of Platinum’s games. Their only million selling title is Bayonetta, which Kamiya directed, and the PS3 version was a technological disaster. SEGA screwing over Platinum royally is not bad but Nintendo publishing (and funding with money THEY HAVE) is horrible and they should die for it? Get a fucking life you retards.

But fuck Metal Gear Rising: Revengence with a stick. An awful character getting a spin-off game from a series too clusterfucked to end already? Oh well, at least Kamiya isn’t making it.

9 thoughts on “Hideki Kamiya is Cool. You are not.

  1. It’s the cool thing to hate Nintendo right now. All the asshurt fanboys are trowing major bitch fits because they see the potential of the Wii U and are pissed that Sony/MS didn’t before Nintendo.

    The day draws closer, the Wii U is just beyond the horizon. I’m going to support Kamiya. Project P-100 is looking very exciting.


      1. Ah the glory of misspelling on a keyboard. Done that so many times it never gets old on me.

        But yes, those ‘fanboys’. Quite a hilarious bunch if I do say so myself, one that SEGA tried to appease to with ALL of Platinum’s games (but gosh golly they still can’t figure out if MadWorld was a success or not). Out of all the games, only Bayonetta sold over a million, which pales in comparison to Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 1, which were both directed by Kamiya in the past. How this company still survives is beyond me. How they thought picking up Kojima Productions’ garbage (Metal Gear Rising) boggles my mind even more, but that game will sell well because A) those idiots LOVE Cyborg Raiden and B) MOAR METAL GEAR FAP FAP FAP.

        Thankfully Project P-100 has been getting good attention from Nintendo with it being prominently displayed at PAX and the WiiU tours.


  2. The guy seems pretty happy at Nintendo. P-100 looks like exactly the game they want to make without needing to cater to a “market”.

    His tweets are also hilarious.


  3. Project P-100 looks like it could be amazing and is probably the game I want most after Pikmin 3 for the Wii U out of the launch games.

    Sucks that people are giving him a hard time for having the sheer audacity to make a game for a Nintendo console. But hey, that is what haters do.


    1. Those same people never bought Viewtiful Joe or Okami from him. Also, they seem to forget SEGA fucked him over badly by making the PS3 version of Bayonetta broken as all hell.

      Methinks Kamiya wants to get into Nintendo’s good books so he can make a Star Fox game.


  4. I want to see Platinum games do some Wii U eShop games. That way they could possibly rake in some monies to do a large title… like a new Okami for Wii U.


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