Brain In A Jar confirms game, possible Wii U game, possibly Zelda

Brain In A Jar, acclaimed developers of Kart Racer and GP Classic Racing have just finished making a new game for Nintendo. They recently updated their Twitter and Facebook with this giant tease.

“We are getting our latest game ready for submission to Nintendo. This involves a LOT of testing and fixing bugs to ensure we have a good ‘master candidate’ to send.”

Normally a developer of racing games, this picture hints at something more. It’s quite obviously either Metroid or Zelda, when you consider the fact that there are new Metroid and Zelda games in development we haven’t seen. We also haven’t seen this game. It’s also too late for a Wii game, so it must be Wii U. “Master Candidate” seems like an odd thing to say, and could be a reference to the Master Sword. The water in the background also hints at water, which is found in many Zelda games.

All this speculation and hype at the Pietriots office made us dizzy; so we found an expert analyst to clear things up. John McWood has 3 degrees and obviously knows what he’s talking about. We approached him on the street and got some insight.

“Wii U is definitely going to be big, and Brain In A Jar would be clever to jump on board this early. Isn’t there a Zelda game coming to that thing? Sign me up, man. Which way to Nintendo Land?”

That pretty much says it all. Why would an expert just drop Zelda in the same line as Brain In A Jar? He’s obviously too excited and he let that slip. We should hear something at the official Wii U event Nintendo’s hosting on September 13. Until then, speculate away. Could Links next vehicle be a classic car?

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