Nintendo Direct 5.17.2013 Roundtable


Did you fall for it twice? You didn’t? Good, glad to hear that. Heard that North American version wasn’t that good, but the hell would I know? As I said before in the other one I did as a joke, wondering whether a Nintendo Direct was good or bad is an easy way to get hits.

Isn’t that right, Nintendo World Report? You actually did a ‘real’ roundtable and made it into my shitty gaming media thread on Nintemple. Now if only the 3DS eShop would work for me so I can download the Zelda Oracle games tomorrow.

Iwata and that SEGA guy together was a much better video then the entire Xbox One conference. And that was only twenty minutes long.

10 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct 5.17.2013 Roundtable


      Also for some odd reason eShop downloads won’t download in sleep mode and the eShop on 3DS hasn’t been loading the way it should. I had to *gasp* pick Download Now for getting Mega Man IV!


      1. Huh, that is odd indeed. Is you’re system still within warranty? Could be some hardware glitch going on.
        Personally, I would just trade it in for an XL. I’ve been waiting to get in a better financial situation to do just that, but I will definitely be able to buy two $4.99 games… ORACLE GAMES!


  1. Are we watching the same Nintendo Directs? The last one, you mentioned that LttP2 was going to be an eShop budget title… haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere else. This one, you got the wrong date on the Oracle titles (man, I want those).

    This particular ND was… lackluster. I’m assuming it’s the “calm before the storm” of E3 ND blow-outs.


  2. The Sonic news was pretty big, I think Iwata wanted to get that off his chest. To be continued, please understand.

    And yeah, no Oracle games yet (at least in EU / AU) but Kirby has invaded my Wii U and I’m very happy.


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