Random QR Codes

This is a handful of Miis created by our staff. Many of these had been given birth during the magickal 2006 Holiday Season. In a short time, they became self-aware and now possess souls (some taken from small children).

If 3DS has cameras on both sides, who’s scanning who?

Update – 2011/12/30

Update – 2012/07/19

Update – 2013/01/17


Update – 2015/06/26


… and don’t forget the REAL Reggie Mii


Just a real quick update to say that I heard that Nintendo’s new plumbing simulator, tentatively titled WiiHD, will have 17 cores in it’s gigaflops. The same noise making device that told me that also mentioned it would get a new Mario Kart game.

Hot Wheels Track Attack

Hot Wheels. Hell yeah. The joy of pushing a toy car around isn’t something a videogame can ever capture, but it can come close! Being a licensed game, it’s easy to be skeptical of this. Thankfully, rather than trying to make a quick buck, Firebrand, developers of Trackmania Wii, have put together a great Hot Wheels package here. Track Attack has a good variety of content, with 5 game modes, a track editor and 4 player split screen, there’s some fun to be had.

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A Night with Dunaway

Last night I had Cammie Dunaway over. I found it unusual that she’d be in Perth this close to E3 so I said “You’re not leaving yourself much time.”
“Hehe, for what sweety?” Cammie replied.
“E3 of course, it took me over 24 hours to fly to L.A.”
“Oh we’ve already done it silly.”
“Done E3? The press conference and everything?”
“Yeah we recorded it last week, everyone who attended is under an NDA. Only the internet hasn’t found out yet, hehehe.”

This was a lot for me to take in so I motioned for her to get back to sucking my cock. Over the next hour, when she came up for a breather, she filled me in on what happened.

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