Reggie Kart Videos – E3 2009

Join Reggie as he celebrates countless servings of SORE ASS on the EVE OF E3 2009. How does Reggie relax and prepare for the show floor after flexing his Casual Might during the press conference? He cracks open a beer then TAKES NAMES on the worldwide kart circuit. Then he gets more beer and watches the replays.

(video link at end of post)
Reggie can be in two places at once. A single Mii cannot contain him.

Things take on interesting turn on the SECOND NIGHT OF E3 2009 as he patrols the worldwide servers for ASS in the name of justice. What did Reggie encounter?

Then follow along with President FILLETS-A-MEAT during his E3 2009 POST-GAME CELEBRATION, taking a break from all the ASS that attended the conference. This evening was even more special, as Nintendo’s top executives joined as honored guests for a night of NINTENDO EXEC KART.

Best E3 ever? Sure, for about a year, anyway. The videos tell the story. Or just look into Reggie’s eyes.

The Wii Wheel provides maximum turning. Anal-log driving is never this intense.

It all started here. You tremble with lust while thinking about it.


Note: Screens were taken from compressed videos; videos were made from direct feed 480p source.

Mario Kart Wii: Reggie Kart, 9 60fps Videos (DivX)

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