“Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – House of Creepy Ghosties

Okay, here it is, a new round of Durpthroughs!  This time I take on another horror game, Fatal Frame IV, developed by none other than Grasshopper Manufacture (home of Suda 51, if you are one of those heathens).  Fatal Frame IV has a rather interesting history behind it, or rather, an interesting story of why it was never localized.  See, it WOULD have been localized if not for the fact that Tecmo was too cheap to go back and fix a bunch of glitches that were in the Japanese copy of the game (a couple of which prevent progress, and others that make it impossible to 100% the game no matter what you do).  NOE had actually started promoting the game in their region before NCL decided that it just didn’t make sense to localize a game that wasn’t to their standards.  So screw you, Tecmo!

Anyway, let’s hope I can pull through the entire game without running into anything game-breaking.  So grab yourself a bowl of popcorn, turn off all the lights, and enjoy the scares (or me shrieking like a schoolgirl, whichever fits your fancy)!

6 thoughts on ““Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – House of Creepy Ghosties





    It’s pretty awesome to experience this, the game seems really detailed and the graphics are solid. Such a missed opportunity that it never got released, but the Japanese gives it a nice touch. Feels like a game I shouldn’t be watching… I think watching someone else play makes it even scarier too because I CAN’T LOOK AROUND OH GOD WHAT’S OVER THERE. Nice choice for a Durpthrough, I can’t wait to see more.

    It’s almost like having the game.. except I can’t read text that fast Bill!


    1. The controls are actually exactly how they should be in terms of moving (like REmake). My only real issue is with the tilting to move your flashlight…


  2. So if moving the Wiimote doesn’t do what the game says it does, then does the flashlight turn by tilting it to its side like flying/swimming in Skyward Sword?

    If there’s something that Grasshopper hasn’t achieved on Wii yet, it’s learning how to use the Wii Pointer AT ALL.


    1. Yes, tilting. It DOES work, but it’s just not a natural movement one would do. And thanks to that, it makes the movement feel more like a button press…


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