In Today’s News, UbiSoft just screwed over Rayman Legends

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, all that free advertising Nintendo gave to Rayman Legends turned out to be absolutely worthless on Nintendo’s part: Rayman Legends is no longer a WiiU exclusive and it’s being put multiplatform, and as such it making gaming journalists, analysts and haters hard in the pants. The reasons given are batshit stupid but what is even more insane is the fact that the game, which is pretty much finished, has been delayed by six months and is now forced to compete with Grand Theft Auto V.

The 3DS shit is happening all over again, and unlike that time which was partially Nintendo’s fault, this is all the third parties fault. Can I say I’m surprised? No, because you and I both were expecting this shit to happen. While Mr. UbiSoft PR Director said this was “for the fans who wanted it on PS3 and 360,” this guy should’ve pulled his head out of his ass and wondered to himself Why was Rayman Origins a flop in the first place. The Wii audience stopped caring for UbiSoft’s shit after making excuse after excuse (blaming the failure of Red Steel 2 on them as well didn’t help matters), the PS3/360 audience actively ignores new original content if it isn’t a “mature” realistic adventure (Dark Souls only sold 400k copies combined, what other evidence do you want?). The PS Vita port flopped because nobody wanted a PS Vita. The 3DS version was probably a flop as well because Ubi delayed it BY A YEAR from 2011 to 2012 Christmas.

And because of this, Rayman Legends is also going to flop. Nintendo and WiiU were giving this game a chance, but UbiSoft just shat all over it and them. PS3/360 fans re feigning interest because a WiiU exclusive is coming to them but they are not going to buy it, WiiU owners like myself are pissed that Nintendo is once again getting a shaft for no reason other then “Well… we don’t wanna,” and I hope Nintendo gets massively pissed at Ubi; they were going to publish it in Japan for Ubi, FREE PUBLISHING, and now its not going to happen.

Of course, the blame is being put on WiiU. Why? Because it’s a Nintendo system and Nintendo consoles suck and they deserve a flop in their history because blah blah blah. Nintendo actually launched a consoles with games I wanted (hell, they always did); PS3 took two years to get relevant and for me to give a shit about the system, but I fucked myself over with that purchase because PS2 backwards compatibility was gone. Three million units in three months is impressive for a console that just launched, and the developers who care will reap the benefits. Too bad Ubi’s PR department didn’t get that memo.

Fucking hell.

21 thoughts on “In Today’s News, UbiSoft just screwed over Rayman Legends

  1. Ubisoft must be left to burn for their greedy ways. My issue is, why delay the Wii U version? It was already finished and ready to be shipped. Launch day was 2 weeks away. This was just a plain and simple dick move by Ubisoft. They really shit the bed on this one. The PS360 fans asked for it so they got it. OK. I guess this means the Wii U is going to get ports of Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs, cause a lot of Wii U fans are asking for those games. If we don’t get them, we’ll know you’re full of shit Ubisoft.

    Let’s all sit back and watch Rayman get destroyed by GTA V and Wind Waker HD this fall.


  2. Seriously, this is some BS on Ubi’s part. AT LEAST release it for Wii U so the people who want it on that system (and those who bought a Wii U because Legends was supposed to be a launch title) can play it, and if people want it for PS360 then release that one in September. Makes NO fucking sense to do it any other way.


  3. Haha, wow. The most significant thing here is the developers are pissed and might leave the company.

    “”I understand you perfectly, but you must understand one thing. This is not a decision made by the development team, this comes from very high up, so please do not take it to the game.

    If ye imagine cabreáis us. Think of the situation, we had been doing overtime with this game from virtually paving the E3 in May, and after almost a month demo (gamescom, WiiU presentation, shops, eshop, etc …) while trying to finish the game. We had a first delay because it was obvious that he could not finish dates, but we gave everything to be there in February. What do you think we face when the week was to close the game would tell us not to leave? I believe I could not.

    For practical purposes you have to wait a few months until the game comes out, and probably serve to add more content and make it better. For us it means is that we have spent almost six months without seeing our women children and friends at all, because all, not necessary to hurry. Believe me, it was a hell swallow this news.

    Yet I maintain what I said at the time, Rayman Legends is a great game and it will be, and the team has done does not deserve you turn your back for a few gentlemen wearing ties that one day made ​​a bad decision. So is this industry of shit ”

    Well done, Ubisoft. You made everyone happy!


    1. I’m glad you posted this. Glad to see that the devs are upset about this situation too. This reminds me of the situation with Crytek wanting to bring Crysis to Wii U but EA isn’t willing to allow them to do it.


      1. Exactly as I have been stating for almost an entire year and that is that publishers are ruining this industry and I am glad Grubdog is agreeing with me. Something needs to happen because developers ain’t running this industry anymore.


  4. Really is a dumb move. Great release it on the 360/PS3 later but don’t screw over Wii U fans who were all ready to put down money for it now. Hell I was considering buying a Wii U for this game but now not so sure. I sure as heck am not going to buy it on the PS3.


      1. Yes but in my current financial situation I have to be a bit choosey about what I spend my money on.


  5. Just a dumb move.

    But is it me or does Ubisoft really hate Michel Ancel? They always tend to release his games underneath bigger more blockbuster games. Do they try to make his games fail?


    1. Michel Ancel is too good for UbiSoft to keep; Origins was an labor of love by the higher ups sent it out to die. Beyond Good & Evil 2? Isn’t Assassins Creed.


  6. I was soooo looking forward to play this game. I still am, but releasing it in September is just blah.


      1. UbiSoft will still take the brunt of this, as they should. However I’m 100% sure that this is the case. Frankly I’d have said ‘FU’ and just ported it to PS3 and Vita, this game would be lucky to sell on the 360 as a $20 XBLA game.

        It’s a shame really, a game that looks to be exceptional for all intents and purposes is now likely going to be doomed to poor sales but UbiSoft has made their bed and it’s time for them to sleep in it.


    1. Still Ubisoft’s fault. They could just SKIP THE XBOX 360 COMPLETELY with this game. Microsoft would have to take that blame, from their own consumers. Then, SKIP THE XBOX BRAND COMPLETELY, until Microsoft changes their bulls**t policy. Microsoft would change it in a heartbeat if it meant that a portion of their coveted third party support skipped their platform because of some s****y policy. Look how fast they back-peddled for those XB1 policies. The only reason Microsoft gets away with that crap is because third parties let them. Ubisoft (or any other third party willing to tell Microsoft to f**k off) could simply shift that focus to Wii U, 3DS, and PS3/4 games.


  7. It’s funny and sad how many copies this games WAS going to sell at the full $60 this February.

    Oh well, guess I’ll just keep playing nano assault. Maybe keep dipping into my huge backlog.


    1. I have fifteen years worth of backlogging across multiple systems. WiiU drought? Sorry, I don’t understand that with the 20+Wii games, 3DS, DS and so on games.

      Keep playing Nano Assault, its amazing.


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