PAXAUS 2022 Saturday. Engaging

My Friday at pax, after the speedrun, was characterised by a feeling of missing something, feeling a little empty and feeling like I was missing out as I was overwhelmed with everything going on. Saturday was much better.

I got there early, skipped the line, and signed up to play in the Switch Sports Tennis Open. I lost 2-1 in the first round but I had fun.

I went up and spoke to Indie devs about their games. I played some and gave feedback. I collected art cards and will go back Sunday to complete the picture. I bumped into some of Grub’s splatoon crew and together we all lost at Western Digital’s claw machine to win a hard drive. I gave some kids some pointers on Super Mario Kart -my first game- they didn’t listen.

As the party grew, we entered the tabletop library to borrow Bohnanza and had a great time trading beans. We drank a beer and went out for pizza. The guy with the First Try sign from the speedrun told us about this epic gaming text adventure show, A Dark Room. (Not related to the outstanding mobile game.) So I went to that and it was hilarious.

I’ll edit up this post in the wash up this evening with links and more details or tomorrow maybe, but right now I gotta head off and meet some people for a vegan lunch. I plan on learning about Aethermon and watching the Omegathon final.

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