Reggie Kart Videos – E3 2010

Join Reggie as he celebrates the first night of E3 2010: new software announcements, 3DS, ZELDASS, glorious sales data — all this excitement rapidly increases Reggie’s appetite. Surrounded by so many “game journalists,” Reggie can’t wait to thickly forge his foot against their flabby seats. Deep down, your behind is still sore from last year’s celebration. Punt.

(video link at end of post)Reggie disapproves of any DK-themed track.

Best E3 ever? Horrible motion control solutions from Reggie’s competitors point to YES.

Stealth Reggie is always watching you.

E3 2009: NINTENDO EXEC KART. The stuff legends are made of.

E3 2010: Reggie Kart demonstration from the show floor.

Note: Screens were taken from compressed videos; videos were made from direct feed 480p source.

Mario Kart Wii: Reggie Kart, 4 60fps Videos (DivX)

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