BIT.TRIP RUNNER is a brand new game on WiiWare which has you controlling a black pixelated character through multiple stages. He runs by himself, but you control when he jumps, slides and more, pressing buttons at the right time to avoid obstacles. It’s a very simple concept, but the extremely good presentation and level design make this a very unique experience.

The controls are fast and responsive, it uses the Wii remote on its side, New Super Mario Bros. style. No motion controls, but it doesn’t need them. The graphics are nice and crisp, everything is laid out in simple Bit.Trip style, and the colours and smooth animation make it a joy on the eyes. The sound is just as good, the music is catchy, and every time you press a button or clear an obstacle you add notes to the beat, all adding to the simple satisfaction of playing the game.

The game is very challenging, all due to its supremely smart level design. As you progress the game throws new challenges at you the second you get comfortable – you can’t afford to even look away from the screen in most levels. If you can manage to beat all the levels, there’s an additional goal which involves collecting all the pieces of gold, which pretty much requires you to master every aspect of a level.

Sound too tough? It is tough, but it somehow manages to pull this off without being frustrating. When you die, it’s a “gentle” kind of death, it drags you straight back to the start of the level and you get a feeling of continued momentum. This can lead to long play sessions without even realising; it’s a very addictive game.

The experience combines to form a truly unique experience that is everything a video game should be, taking advantage of great sound and music, charming crisp graphics, and thrilling gameplay all at once. As you progress through each level the music gets faster and more intense, and a rainbow forms behind your character. The satisfaction you get when completing a level is worth the torture.

Bit.Trip Runner is one of the few games I can recommend to every single person on the planet, it’s charming through and through and anyone can pick up and play it. It offers so much gameplay for the price, purchasing this game should be a no-brainer for any gamer. Get this game and show the industry that fun games can still shine through and be popular in today’s crowded, confused market.

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