Humble Bundle #3

Two updates in a row! But I feel it’s important to get on these things. Humble Bundle 3 is out now! And this time it features a game I loved a lot; VVVVVV!

Also featured are And Yet it Moves, Cogs, Crayon Physics and Hammerfight. I can’t comment on the latter two but And Yet it Moves is surreal platforming brilliance while Cogs is an ok puzzler. Apparently VVVVVV includes a level editor this time around – and in any case you’re supporting indie developers and charity! So get over to and name your price.

As usual, Linux nerds are paying the most money, what with all that money saved on all their other software. Mac hipsters are down on their usual Humble Bundle averages, presumably due to having to shell out a whole $30 for their system update. Windows users are remaining characteristically cheapskates. Finally all the usual faggots are using it as an opportunity to promote their twitter accounts by donating obscene amounts. Must be nice to be Notch. Pietriots cannot afford such extravagance.

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