I’ve got $10, let’s go game shopping – November 2012

While they’re fun to work up an increased heart rate to over the internet, video games can cost a lot of money. This is not much of a secret; it wouldn’t be worthy of a TV special. Video games are typically much more expensive than a bag of ice, but less than three blocks of LEGO. With new release titles costing an average of $625,000 each, plus additional day-one paid DLC (to unlock access beyond their title screen) in the vicinity of three million dollars, just what can a mere $10 get you these days?

Twenty games all about frantically breaking wind on iPhone? Yeah, probably. Probably. The retail scene’s a bit different though. Here in Australia that’s a mere dent in the $109.95 RRP of Activison’s latest GOTY, (source: Gametrailers) Call of Duty: Black Ops II. But hey, dig through those neglected pre-owned bins and who knows what you’ll find. Early last week I came across a copy of The Conduit for $4, and thought ‘video games are okay I guess’.

So, over the week I did a bit of exploring to see what I could get for ten magical Reggie-Russell bucks.

The incredibly important life or death rules:

  • Games must be purchased in brick and mortar stores.
  • No absolute shit for the sake of it.
  • Sports games of the yearly roster-updating, gender-swapping variety don’t count. It’s easy to stumble upon a stack of cheap, unwanted FIFA 08’s.

Let’s Tap – $2

“Let’s tap, let’s tap, future tapping game, oh yeah” – Yuji Naka’s experimental use of the Wii Remote and home to one of the catchiest main theme songs ever. Let’s Tap is a stylish little party game where you barely ever touch the controller. Instead it reacts to vibrations caused by nearby tappin’, because this is a future tapping game. Let’s tap, let’s tap, bwap bwap bwa da. The not-Jenga mode is especially ace.

In Japan and (I think) the UK, SEGA included official tapping boxes – made from deluxe bog standard Naka-approved cardboard – to use. Everyone else missed out. A tragedy. However, the heroes from GameSetWatch offered a suitable suggestion.

Platypus – $2.50

Oh wow, brand new. Also, it was a PSP game still on the shelves. Astonishing! Platypus has some nice things going for it, like claymation graphics. Man, I freakin’ love claymation. The Neverhood is one of my favourite games ever. I sure wish I was writing about that, and eating a kebab. The game also features a wonderful soundtrack consisting of remixed Commodore 64 tunes. So good, so unexpected! That delicious Comic Bakery.

Unfortunetly, the gameplay itself just isn’t very interesting. Platypus is a side-scrolling shooter, but it’s very slooooow paced and the levels seem to drag on forever. Plus that wicked music? Yeah, nah, it gets completely drowned out by the annoying sound effects which can’t be turned off. Aw. It’s not bad though, especially for $2.50.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D – $4

Ahaha, what. Both my reaction and that of the EB Games’ guy scanning this up. You remember all that drama with Capcom being stupid dickheads (ie: Capcom) over this game’s undeletable, single save file? Sure you do, it was entertaining! Well, EB Games Australia refused to stock The Mercenaries 3D because of that, but I guess it didn’t stop them from accepting copies for trade-in, where it is obviously worth fuck all.

Lucky for me though, the previous owner hadn’t attempted anything whatsoever. As for my time with the game so far – I haven’t unlocked Barry, so I don’t care about it yet.

Xbox LIVE Arcade Game Pack – $1

If I were to buy these three games on XBLA right now it’d cost close to $40. Yup. I’ve always wanted to try out Geometry Wars 2, so hurray! Video games.

Total money spent = $9.50

Sweet, that’s enough left for an ice cream cone at McDonald’s.

9 thoughts on “I’ve got $10, let’s go game shopping – November 2012

  1. “Let’s buy, let’s buy, future buying game, oh yea- DLC? fuck this”
    Getting potential Barry for so cheap is incredible. Reggie-Russel is like a VALUE MAGNET.


  2. Damn it Ferny, everytime you do a photoshop my heart cries for the Box-Art Fix Up to come back! Why do you do that to me?!! D8


  3. I’m curious as to how the Xbox Live games work. I thought they were just a code to download it off the store but I guess it’s three games on a disc?


    1. Yeah, it’s on the disc. I got one of these (Pac-Man & Uno) bundled with a 360 controller a while ago, also had a 24 hour Xbox Live trial inside.


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