Kotaku doesn’t just suck

I just want to briefly talk bout the big headline in today’s news; that Kotaku commenters do not suck. And I would just like to defend Kotaku commenters, who are no worse than Kotaku itself. ie. Utterly deplorable.

9 thoughts on “Kotaku doesn’t just suck

  1. How is this even an article. This is like the basketball player who held a press conference to tell everyone he’s not gay. Nobody even asked.

    I wish these type of gaming blogs would get over these shitfights, and start covering games. The article sounds like endless whinging and crying. This whole thing feels like an episode of Neighbours or a chapter in Alan Wake.

    One thing I like about Kotaku is that it’s the only site design i’ve seen on the internet that makes our layout look good.


  2. AU Kotaku put up much better articles. So much so that I kind of want them to split off from the brand and become their own thing lest the taint of shittiness effects them.


  3. Hahaha, asking gaming sites to actually cover games is like asking for there to be peace in the Middle-east. Not. happening. ever.


  4. I.





    I’m fucking done with the official gaming media. Stay tuned for a angry PixlBit article on this.



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