It’s Bad when Nintendo of America uses memes.

Oh no.

Obviously, Nintendo of America is being over-wrought by SJW leftist hippies as they love, love, and love the use of these obnoxious memes.

Clearly the best people to side with in denouncing Nintendo of America’s over-use of memes is… the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter feed! Which also uses cringe-worthy memes based around it’s embarrassing status as a series. We should also side with Capcom because they clearly know how to localize their own game without the use of dank memes! I mean, it’s not like gamers made memes against Nintendo’s will, especially in regards to Star Fox in general. Oh hey, they also made some based on Splato– oh fuck burn it with fire.

Memes are triggering to these special snowflakes. Who also use meme images in their tweets angrily yelling at them.

8 thoughts on “It’s Bad when Nintendo of America uses memes.

  1. I don’t know what any of this means, but I am triggered like a splattershot. Luigi’s death stare was fucking great, I hope we get slow-mo replays in Splatoon one day.


  2. Aaayyy it’s nice for you to call out the hypocrites once again and all, but could you do it without making fun/light of triggers? It’s pretty disrespectful towards disabled people.


    1. A trigger is a phrase that could possibly cause trauma for individuals in the audience who have had a bad experience. For example, if you are giving a talk about sexual assault to an audience that might include survivors of sexual assault, you would provide a ‘trigger warning’ that your talk will contain references to such acts and might be distressing, so they can mentally prepare themselves. The same could also be applied to war veterans suffering PTSD.
      Aggressive sections of the internet have run with this, belittling the concept as they see it as an attack on free speech. Of course, these aggressive sections of the internet overlap heavily with those who act in an overly hostile manner over minor things, hence the joke that they are in fact the ones who are triggered.


      1. The truth is that people have abused the very concept of “triggers” to basically attempt to silence anyone who may have an opinion that disagrees with theirs. These people deserve scorn.

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