“Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – Batch 2

What do little boys, tag teams, creepy old men, nurses, and an old, abandoned hospital have in common?

Actually, don’t answer that.  The answer is, Batch 2 of my Fatal Frame IV Durpthrough!  The ghost encounters escalate as the plot sends me fighting an unexpected and familiar villain, puts me behind the eyes of yet another character, and teases a battle against a sadistic little girl!  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on ““Durpthroughs” – Fatal Frame IV – Batch 2

  1. I’d like to see Bill play a Mario game.



    1. I ‘might’ want to do a durpthrough with Bill on a Mario game. Whatever mistake he makes I will laugh at him evily. 🙂


      1. Sorry, but I’m so good at Mario games that I rarely make mistakes. Wouldn’t make a very fun Durpthrough for you guys to watch… =’D


  2. So its a non-linear story? You’re going from girl to girl from various instances?

    Little boy and 2 ghost pop-ups are pee-worthy.

    Dat cliffhanger….O_O


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