3DS Wall Update

It’s time for another 3DS Wall update.  As usual, games have their score from GameRankings, and all the games are scored together to give a general idea of the quality of the out put from these various publishers and developers.  Scores are rounded up and they must have at least 5 reviews to curtail outliers.  Games with no review score mean that the game has not been released yet or have not attained 5 reviews.

Without further ado, let’s have a look.

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3DS Wall Update

Hey, how have you guys been?


Where have I been?

Mostly looking for work which is pretty hard to find where I am.  I know I promised bimonthly updates to the Wall, but truth be told not a lot of movement in 3DS games happened initially after the first publication.

But enough about that, let’s get down to brass tacks.  As usual, the only criteria is that a company has to have released a game or have finalized (or near such) boxart with a release date.  Boxarts are followed by GameRankings Averages of each title and the company’s library as a whole.

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The Continuous 3DS Wall Project

In the spirit of our previous efforts to showcase the horrible atrocities committed to the Wii by third-party developers, we at Pietriots are proud to announce our new 3DS Wall.

The 3rd Party Wall of Shame was an analysis of wrongs committed after the fact.  This wall is intended to be a display of the building libraries of every developer for the 3DS, along with aggregated critical scores of each title individually and together as a group.

The original wall was made in response to unscrupulous claims from a few third parties that complained that their games were not selling on the Wii, despite their “obvious quality,” and that people were buying Nintendo’s games instead. The 3rd Party Wall of Shame showed those claims to be totally unfounded, as said third parties published some of the worst titles in their histories.  The question was asked, “Who deserves to sell more?”  The responses were silence and sudden anger at the creators of the Wall.

This is an ongoing project, which I will attempt to keep up with weekly or bi-weekly, depending on holidays or work.  And sometimes just mood.

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