PieHaus Digest – Pro Daisy 2002

Forget all the modern gaming crap for a moment and let me offer a slice of my life leading up to the Casual Gamer I am today.

Let’s go back, umm 13 years, when times were simpler, and gaming was getting interesting and taking a turn for the worst at the same time (bloating budgets, wannabe movies, dumb-downed gameplay, with a corrupt and/or unskilled gaming press shoving it all down your throat; you saw what happened). OK, off-topic, I mean… just trying to say this is an informal snapshot of life surrounding that hobby; a new feature about old stuff. Continue reading “PieHaus Digest – Pro Daisy 2002”

Unboxing Complete

Pie Staff had been casually restoring content from the old flat and other odd bits, and today we should be totally moved-in now.

Here’s a recap of the crayon drawings and baby photos that Mike almost left behind:

Merry Fistmas

NOA REGGIE is busy tonight, flying thru the skies, proudly thrusting his Nintendo DS to light the way (DQ9 is paused for the moment). Reindeer don’t pull his sleigh; Reggie pulls them. He’s visiting homes, crashing thru rooftops (“I don’t need your weak chimney – if you don’t have one, you’ll get one“), making a list, taking names. If you’re not on his list…

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You Must Excuse Mike

Mike does not have the Wii. But Mike goes to GameStop a lot, and always plays the Wii demo unit for at least half of his visit. The GameStop employees can’t do anything about him, especially when Mike is “reviewing” a new Wii game, because he used to spend his entire visit bothering other customers. Something about recommending “UMD movies” then arguing how the customer’s son won’t get into college if they buy “that DS with those crappy dog games.”  I don’t know.

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