Wave Race: Blue Storm, F-Zero GX Videos

I remember when racing games had variety, racing that was out-of-this-world that they felt like adventures. N64 had Mario Kart SIXTY FOUR, Diddy Kong Racing, Beetle Adventure Racing, F-Zero X, Wave Race SIXTY FOUR, Ridge Racer Better than Usual, San Francisco Awesome Rush, Cruisin’ Bleh, and a few others not worth mentioning like Star Wars: Poo Racer. Nintendo GAMECUBE had Mario Kart 128, Wave Race: Blue Storm, F-Zero GX, Burnout 2, even 1080*: Avalanche, and I forget the rest. Wii has Mario Kart, F1 2009, Kart Racer, NASCAR Kart Racing, M&Ms Kart Racing, and Mario Kart. Right.

(video link at end of post)

Note: Screens were taken from compressed videos; videos were made from direct feed 480p source.

Here’s some ridiculously high-quality videos to briefly remind us when times were good.

Wave Race: Blue Storm, 3 Hi-Q videos (DivX)
F-Zero GX, 2 Hi-Q 60fps videos (DivX)

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