5 thoughts on “F***heads – Mother Issues

    1. Not yet… but it has just come out on the Wii U in Japan. Same date as the Lucas Amiibo. So stay tuned for more disappointment when the Lucas Amiibo hits stores here.


      1. Is there actually anyone who is interested in that game who has not already played the fan translation? I’d love to see VC figures and learn what sells in the eshop.


      2. Yep me! EarthBound on the Wii U was the first time I played it, same with EarthBound Beginnings. I imagine that’s the case for many people since it’s the first official release for the series in Europe / AUS. It plays so well on Wii U and the Miiverse is wonderful for this game, so the thought of having the same experience with Mother 3 (it’d probably be called EarthBound 2?) is exciting. Plus I hate playing games on my laptop.


      3. Doesn’t matter to me if I’ve played the fan translation or not (I have) I’d love to have an official release available to me. I’d buy it in an instant or as close as possible to one.


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