Sorry Switch owners, we don’t matter to Capcom (and most third parties)

To most major Third Parties anyway, except for Bethesda, we/I think you are cool especially considering you put gyro aiming in Doom Switch, which I appreciate. Anyway, why state the painfully obvious besides trying not to make this site not look dead? It’s because it’s extremely aggravating to watch, least of all Capcom deciding that Resident Evil 7 can come to Switch, except with a catch.

A very, very big catch. It needs to be cloud streamed all the damn time. One must ask what is even the point; it’s like Capcom is trying their hardest not to make their Switch games a success from not including Ultra Street Fighter V in the the Switch version of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, undershipping and sitting on Monster Hunter Double Cross (sorry, I am not calling it by it’s localized name because I prefer that one better) for a year and releasing it when Switch Online shows up in September.

While people are saying this is Sony’s doing (which is rumored to be the case with Monster Hunter World and the internal strife it supposed caused within Capcom), and that it doesn’t matter because Monster Hunter World was this huge success because Capcom shipped seven million plus units… well, it actually does. For one, ship does not equal units sold to customers. If this game was the same level of success as Breath Of The Wild, it would still be full price. The game saw a nearly fort dollar discount since release. How many units sold, Capcom? Actually, how much is Sony telling you to stay quiet if word got out this game wasn’t that big of a success as you hoped it had to be?

In all honesty, Capcom doesn’t deserve my money and it doesn’t deserve yours either. Once Okami comes to the Switch, and they bother to hopefully put any future Clover Studio remasters where we won’t have to wait for a year on end, like Resident Evil 4, they can fuck off and die. Yes, I don’t care if Capcom lives because they have proven to be utterly incompetent. Namco Bandai is still iffy, even if Go Vacation is coming to Switch, because the Switch delay of Dark Souls Remastered still doesn’t sit well with. Konami? Well they are already dead considering they are more then willing to send Super Bomberman R to die on PS4 and Xbox One. Square-Enix? Hahahahahaha—

Support Nicalis, Atlus/SEGA and NISA instead. Though SEGA is still pretty incompetent (even if we are getting Valkaria Chronicles 4 for Switch). If you need further proof Capcom crushes happiness and dreams, read Pro Daisy’s amazing article on the Capcom 5.

2 thoughts on “Sorry Switch owners, we don’t matter to Capcom (and most third parties)

  1. I honestly did not notice that MH: World has gotten a price drop. Any doubts I had about the game’s performance have been dashed.

    I fully intend on playing RE7 on Switch anyway, just to see how bad it is. Wish me luck.


  2. Always online is a dealbreaker for me. Crapcom has been giving Switch owners crumbs from the start and we made those crumbs successful. Even after that we still get crumbs. I’m still holding out hope that this RE7 Cloud is a Japan only thing and they’ll announce a physical version for the West at E3.

    Square is bringing Octopath Traveler and TWEWY to Switch so they get a pass for now. I’m willing to wait for DQXI, if they bring the KH Remixes to Switch along with KH3. Whatever happened to that Tales game Namco said they were bringing to Switch?

    We will know what direction 3rd parties are going with Switch after E3. With how successful Switch is any Japanese company that isn’t going all in on Switch is just leaving money on the table imo.


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