Animal Crossing Cool Beats: New Horizons, Classic Tunes

Those industry fat cats want to charge big bucks for their tunes, but I think music should be free man. I’ve been making a few tunes to see what works in this thing, and thought I’d share. For ease of use I’ve put a separate sound clip, followed by an image of the notes you can input yourself. Enjoy the freedom. No likes, favs, subscribes or divides here man. This is all about sharing the vibe.

Keep in mind there are limitations of the Town Composer, it doesn’t have sharp notes so some things have gotta be in different keys. Still, a bit of compromise can get most songs in a recognisable state. You just gotta take what life throws at you man. How do you get these? There’s no password or online sharing unfortunately, but it’s very easy to just copy the notes yourself. Talk to Isabelle in the Town Hall and just move the notes up and down until you get what you want. If you don’t have the Town Hall yet then keep playing and come back to this later! Music always waits for you, so you can wait for it.

Breath of the Wild

Super Mario Bros – Main Theme

No More Heroes – Main Theme

Ring Fit Adventure – Field Music

Nier Automata – Weight of the World Chorus (also instrumental, and verse here)

Nier – Temple of the Drifting Sands

Deadly Premonition – Whistle

Splatoon – Splattack!

Metroid Prime – Phendrana Drifts

Super Metroid – Intro

Pikmin – Title Screen Theme Song

Groove on, my animal friends. You can always change, add or extend a note to fit your personal vibe. Feel free to request a song in the comments as well, and I’ll be happy to update this post with more. Don’t let the industry fat cats get you down.

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